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Calvin Klein Foundation For Men

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Creme To Powder Mens Foundation

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Looking to use makeup for men or maybe more specifically mens foundation? Look no further! if maintaining masculinity and preserving your natural look is high on your agenda. Unlike other foundations; most notably liquid foundation for men, this Calvin Klein Creme to powder foundation for men provides the results to back up the unrelenting manly look to your skin you require.

An application sponge present in a below compartment is the perfect makeup for men tool to apply this foundation quickly, effortlessly and professionally. Apply onto pre-moisturised skin using the sponge and glide away imperfection after imperfection; leaving you with a smoother and blemish free complexion. Ensure problem zones and unwanted blemishes are faded into the background with this Calvin Klein foundation for men.

What makes this a winner when it comes to the makeup for men stakes? The answer is simple: Many men wishing to use foundation are drawn to these ‘compact’ creme to powder products because of the finish they provide to your skin. Initially applied in a liquid form, this foundation quickly ‘powders’ on your skin giving you a flawless rough and ready look. Shining is kept to a minimum, ensuring subtle makeup for men use is maximised. Mens skin tends to be more oilier than our sexual counterparts, meaning such a powder foundation is perfect for shine control and will ensure your face doesn’t shimmer and glow; because let’s face it fellas, masculinity is everything! Like other CK makeup for men, this mens foundation offers fantastic natural coverage and optimal blending. This, combined with it’s ability to alleviate your natural skin pigments, most importantly melamin, means a machismo riddled perfect complexion is now just one application away. A long lasting makeup for men product which ticks all the boxes in what you’ve been searching for in a mens foundation; brought to you by Calvin Klein and Mens Makeup UK.

Size 10g