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Male Makeup Customer Testimonials

Here at MMUK MAN, we feel it is important to share with future potential clients, our existing customers stories and experiences after shopping for their makeup for men with us.  Alongside our helpful product review features comes our exciting and new for 2013 customer testimonial page.  With the spotlight firmly on the modern man to look good, there may be a few lingering nerves from mens makeup newcomers concerned as to if such mens grooming products can work for them.

Take a look at how mens makeup has tranformed the lives of some of our devoted customers and after you have shopped with us:  Learn how you can receive some great offers by becoming one of our exclusive customers, prepared to share their very own male makeup stories.

Jamie Moffat, Mens Makeup newcomer and one very happy chap!

Good afternoon MMUK MAN, 

I hope you are ok and your team and you had a great weekend.  I just wanted to e-mail you to say my package arrived and I have to say a BIG thank you. Its a day off work for me today but i decided to try this stuff out and I really cant believe the results, my skin just looks so healthy and just glows. I attend the Gym and eat healthy regularly but unfortunately my skin has its days where it will work against me rather than with me. I take skin tablets just to make my skin look good, but this little package is what I have been looking for a it really is amazing, i hate to sound vain but I am standing in front of the Mirror right now as i compose this e-mail because my confidence has gone back to where it belongs and i feel like I can go out with confidence.

I am certainly going to be purchasing this again, you offer a fantastic service, with great customer service, another bonus is that you do such a great job with assisting with choice colour.

Thank you once again for everything.

Enjoy your week. :)

Best regards

Jamie Moffat

I recently received my MMUK MAN package and feel compelled to share with you my newfound skin perfection. I’ve used my girlfriend’s makeup for a couple of years on occasion, but never really had any products to call my own. To be honest, I looked for male makeup on the off chance really, not expecting to find much, but when I came across MMUK, I had to give it a try. Not only that, It would also stop her having a moan up at me for nicking her concealer/foundation, so we’re all winners!

After a couple of days the postman delivered a really nice looking package that was plain and very discreet. Nicely and carefully packaged inside was my MMUK MAN Ultimate Cover Up Kit, Beard Filler, Brow Gel and Anti Shine Powder. I was honestly over the moon at how the products looked and felt and when I next had a chance, started practicing with them little by little. I’m a big believer in that man makeup needs to look natural, so I decided to do a few practice applications, just so I could be sure that my cover wouldn’t be blown, when deciding to go out in public wearing my new ‘man-slap’.

The coverage all four of my products gave me in the kit was excellent and more importantly, they looked natural and matched my skin tone perfectly. The brow gel looked the part and enhanced them really nicely, whilst the anti-shine powder did a great job at tackling shine. I work a very busy week and sometimes my skin begins to look a bit jaded and shiny, something I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid so far with MMUK MAN. All of their products are very naturally built and matched my light skin tone perfectly (N4).

Needless to say I am absolutely delighted with MMUK MAN and have told some of my mates about it. I know a few of them would smirk at the idea of wearing makeup, but with the quality of this, I really don’t care. Thank you for your support in helping me choose my products and as well as writing this review, I’ve also liked and shared your Facebook and Twitter page. You guys are brilliant!

Paul Kay – Southampton – 04 April 2016

After using MAC makeup for about three years I came across the MMUK MAN range and particularly liked that the colours exactly matched those offered by MAC. I remember having some troubles when I started looking into makeup a few years back in terms of trying to get my colour exactly right, so the fact that you guys offer the same colours was a massive plus to me. Don’t get me wrong I loved my products before but just saw your range and fell in love. I decided to buy the Pro Finish Foundation and Concealer Trio to begin with, which worked together really well when perfecting my skin. Since then, I’ve also purchased the brow gel and mascara in clear, just in the hope of livening up my eyes and making them appear more fresh and subtle.

I use all four products each and every day and could not be without them. Your packaging is fantastic and the products themselves are really really good and natural. Whether I’m going to a wedding, taking the girlfriend out or just have a big occasion coming up, I know I’ll be wearing MMUK MAN and I know it will leave me looking my very best. I feel so much more confident wearing man makeup and I would honestly tell every guy with skin troubles to give you a go, because for something so simple, it’s effectiveness is amazing.

John Raycraft – London

After biting the bullet and choosing a few of your products, I am absolutely made up and not just literally. My skin feels great and I definitely feel more confident whilst wearing MMUK MAN. My girlfriend loves me when I’m looking my best as she loves doing the usual Instagram selfie thing with me. What can I say about the range? Excellent value and very good performance. My cosmetics arrived a couple of days after ordering them on Monday night and I’ve already been practicing as you’ve suggested. Nothing so far looks too feminine and my skin’s improvement whilst wearing them is incredible. I’m very pleased with your level of service and will be back for more when all of this runs out.

Luke – Tooting

I saw a recent article about MMUK MAN’s co-founder in the Daily Mail and was instantly intrigued by the products you offer. After placing my first order last weekend, my products arrived safely and discreetly just after the Bank Holiday weekend. I have been absolutely amazed by the quality of your products packaging and formulas and I’m thrilled to finally say that I have got that makeup without makeup fresh look I’ve always wanted. MMUK are second to none in terms of performance and of the many many products I have tried in the past, nothing has come close to this. Excellent prices and very good sized products in terms of formula volume. I brought the Ultimate Cover Up Kit and Eye Makeup For Guys kit, which contains practically everything I need on a daily basis. It’s my first night out wearing your products tonight and I can already feel my boost in confidence coming on. I will certainly be ordering from you guys regularly from now on

Shane - Devon

I’ve been using your new collection of skin care products for the past week or so now and have been amazed by the positive results they have given to my skin. I brought all five anti-acne skin care products and a mixture of the face wash and scrub, along with the cleanser and toner daily. I’ve spent a couple of evening’s trying out the face mask and in just over a week the condition of my skin has improved remarkably! If my skin improvements so far are anything to go by and continue, I’ll be using this product line again and again in the future. I was very pleased also with your fast service and how your team helped me picked the right product for my skin type, as I didn’t really have a clue. Thank you so much! I feel like a new man.

Anthony- Oxford