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Man Palette

Skin Tones Palette For Mens Makeup

We know it’s a mans world out there and mens makeup is fast becoming a part of it.  When it comes to choosing what tone of makeup you need, we understand it can be time consuming and tricky.  Our below palette has been designed to help you quickly identify your skin tone, understand how far you can deviate from this tone to maintain subtlety and buy products accordingly.  

We understand busy gentlemen like you haven’t got time to waste trawling the web to discover the makeup shade for them.  With our wide variety of brands on offer, the number of different shades available for each could cause nothing but problems when it comes to choosing the one for you.  Not to mention the duplication of different brands’ shade names which can look completely different.  Perfait, beige, soft beige ... things can get just too much.  

We have created the below palette and matched these shades to the shades available in every single product we have in store; making it easy for you to choose what shades you’re looking for when it comes to buying online.  General consensus states that a man can sway one or two skin tones lighter or darker than his natural skin tone.  This makes blending perfect, also, subtlety and masculinity are maintained.  Identify with your hand which colour is closest to your skin tone and remember you have room for maneuver and use the drop down box on each relevant product page to choose the mens makeup shade that’s just right for you.