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altr Face Fix

Altr Face Fix Half and Half Concealer

altr Face Fix Half and Half

altr Blemish Balm

Multi-Action Men’s BB Cream
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A potent powerhouse with a formula to match, comes Blemish Balm by ALTR. You’ll find this little tube is packed with handfuls of key ingredients to provide you with a natural finish and glow. It works to give you a matte finish, with a tint that is subtle. It comes in 4 shades, so you’ll find a shade to match the colour of your skin. It provides a concealment for red spots, redness and brightens your skins appearance. Easy to use too, small blobs first and then build up. Just dab a small amount onto the skin and work over to gently massage it into area targeted. Or, work across the whole face for a finish that is more even and consistent. You’ll find the formula contains many key ingredients that give this Blemish Balm the outstanding results for your skin. Bisabolol Racemic is a synthetic ingredient used for its ability to heal the skin from the daily effects of stress. Primarily an ingredient in Chamomile, it has been used for those suffering with sensitive skin types. Avocado Oils are naturally pressed from the pulp and help moisturise, condition and soften. The rich Vitamin E contained inside leaves your skin gorgeously softer and the extract neutralises free radical damages too. Aloe Vera 200x is a more potent version of Aloe Vera extract. It is carefully extracted from the plant to repair the skin and leave you soothed and calmed. It provides a fresh feel on the skin too. Lastly Wheatgerm Oil is an ingredient that melts into the skins layers to deliver an infusion of vitamins. You’ll receive the benefits from Vitamin A, B & D which fight free radical damages, support healthy collagen formation and restore skin damages. This handy Blemish Balm is a great fix to provide you with a confidence boost. Start your day correctly and use a product that will support your skin, not congest it.

Size - 30ml

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