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altr Bronzing Gel

altr Face Fix Half and Half

Two-Tone Men’s Concealer For Acne
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HALF & HALF is the duo set of concealers that provide you with the ability to hide spots, acne, blemishes and imperfections. These include redness, patchiness and dark circles. You are left with an undetectable finish that is both natural and consistent. Feel empowered and confident that you don’t need to worry about any imperfections stifling your day ahead. Inside you’ll find Carnauba Wax, known as the ‘Queen of Waxes’ this ingredient is found in palm leaves and is a renewable plant wax. The Candelilla Wax which is found from the candelilla shrub is a native to Mexico. It provides a structure and gloss to the skin and leaves you feeling firmer with a consistent finish. The Kaolin clay, or China Clay is derived from fine white minerals and is the perfect natural tool to extract the badness from your skin. Things like grime, dirt, excess build-up of oils, bacteria and pollutants will be sucked from the skins pores and crevasse and leave your skin fresher and cleaner. The clay absorbs these impurities quickly and easily, with no fuss. Your day ahead is clear and brighter as the concealer works with your skin throughout the day. To apply just take a small blob and dab onto the targeted area, or work across the face entirely. Just use your fingers to blend it into the skin to leave you mattified. Cleaning is simple, with luke-warm water and a facial cleanser and massage a lather to break away the HALF & HALF concealer from your skins surface. All the collected oils and grime from the clay will be rinsed from the skin and go down the drain.

Size - 12g

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