Makeup For Men Frequently Asked Questions

Each month here at we put together a selection of the many questions you openly send into us. Apart from providing valuable insights into women’s thoughts on men taking extra care of themselves especially in the bathroom department: They also answer questions ranging anything from application techniques to the sexual appeal of the process.

Let’s meet the ladies!

Sam (19) and Lucy (20) are glamour model’s working in London, both can provide thoughts from a young lady’s perspective into the topic of men using a bit of man slap to cure problem’s such as acne and blemishes amongst others.

Michaela (24) is our very own professional model here at and is ready to answer any of your questions make-up related for Britain’s modern man. Her man Joshua is also our very own professional model and they are both keen to answer any of your questions’ to put your mind at ease and offer honest advise on where your wash bag’s boundaries should extend to.

Emma and Sarah both in their thirties have also agreed to answer your question’s on the subject in hand, who may be able to help the older chap out there with any concerns and questions they may have.

So gents feel free to read some of the most popular questions’ and answer’s to date and feel free to contact any of our ladies and gentleman questions by contacting us at

This month’s most popular Topics.

mmuk-id Mark1987_b_a

Q ‘‘Until now i’ve used the odd piece of my girlfriend’s make-up to cover up the odd spot, or mark. She know’s and is perfectly happy with it, but do women really find it attractive or is it simply a turn off? Also i’m not the most feminine of men so i’m a bit worried she may lose respect for me

A Hello there Mark, i’m Michaela and i thought it best to respond to your question today; In answer to your question I would have to say an absolute yes! However, there are a few rules me and my girls have on the matter and they are the following. First, keep it subtle, no women wants to be seen with her man wearing more make-up than her, trust me! Never apply more than you need to. You can look your best with a little touch up here and there, especially with a product such as a bronzing foundation. We don’t mind you wearing any kind of make-up but too much and all at once can be off putting to some women. Second rule, look after your skin and your skin will look after you. My man Josh has a strict ritual twice a day which includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing. This is also fine, follow such a regime and your skin will feel instantly better reducing the need for too much make up. Finally! never be embarrassed of wearing it, wear it with confidence and women will respect you. Me and my girlfriends believe that having a man who looks after himself is very sexy and would definitely recommend you do just that.

mmuk-id - James806

Q ‘‘Sam and Lucy, I have never used men’s or any kind of make-up before, and was wondering what young girls like yourself think about boy’s around our age wearing it? I do get blemishes and a few spots arise and have brought some product from you to see if this can help’’

A Hi James, thank you for your question, firstly i would like to say that it’s very common for young men to contact us with these sort of questions. Young people do have skin problem’s and unfortunately we cannot do anything about them, however, make-up wise. I would recommend buying a good concealer either from us or from the high-street. They can really work wonders and your confidence will immediately grow. Although they do not necessary remove spots, black heads or blemishes they certainly cover them up well as well as having no effects on the overall after condition of your skin. Good luck!

mmuk-id; (none)

Q ‘‘I’ve never used men’s make up before at all and I’m now in my thirties and starting to look more maturer in the facial area shall we say! where would I start and what would you recommend for an older man?

A Hello new user thank you very much for getting in touch. My name is Emma and I will be dealing with your enquiry today. I must recommend a few things which I recommend to every man with these kind of requests. Buy a good quality moisturizer for example L’Oreal’s Men Expert Daily Moisturizer. Apply at leas two times per day One of the first signs of aging is around the eyes, so I would also recommend L’Oreal’s Circle Eye reducer both can be found in our store. With regards to make-up I would recommend applying foundation around your problem areas, they will instantly reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines; you will see an instant improvement, I promise you that. Buying a good foundation with natural moisturizers in will also give you long lasting positive effects. Good luck and we hope you join our growing member base soon.

mmuk-id; ALMCkenzie09

Q ‘’I have a birthmark on my right cheek and as you can imagine I sometimes get quite embarrassed about it especially on nights out with the guys. Can you recommend anything designed to make this look less obvious.’’

A Hello Andy, thank you for getting in touch with us. Apologies for the short delay in getting back to you. I totally understand your predicament here, unfortunately there’s no cure to such things as I am sure you know. However, we can help! I would recommend to you the use of a concealer over the area which is affected. These are good things to have in covering up things such as birthmarks, moles and spots. They are discrete and effective in doing exactly what you want from them. If you are happy with the overall condition of your skin I would definitely recommend going down this road. Application doesn’t have to be too regular, usually just once per day or before you go out for the evening. Once you’ve used this you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. If you need to ask anything else feel free to contact Sarah at Please also find a selection of concealer’s on our website.

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Q ‘‘Hello there, my boyfriend looks after himself very well in the bathroom. He uses the usual guy things such as moisturizers, and cleansers, he also isn’t impartial to the odd bit of foundation and bronzing powder which I am fine with. Do you recommend any good products that I can buy for him as it’s his birthday coming up?’’

A Hello Becky, thank you very much for your e-mail, my name’s Michaela and i’ll be assisting you in your request today. Around birthday’s and the holiday season it’s not unusual for partners to buy product from us, As winter is fast approaching I recommend Calvin Klein’s tanning foundation which will leave him looking nice and bronzed for you and perhaps some good quality W7 Light Diffusing Concealer Both are at the upper end of our price range of products but i’m guessing he’s worth it, and it will stop him stealing yours. Both products can be found in our store, we look forward to registering and reaping the rewards.

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Q ‘‘Good Morning, I am enquiring into a good make-up for my son who is now 17 and suffering with acne. Before a college party last week he asked if i could put some make-up on him to cover up his skin issues. After doing this, his skin looked much better and I haven’t seen him that happy in years. Now i’m thinking of getting him his own make-up and teaching him how to apply it correctly to make him much happier, could you tell me what you would recommend?’’

A Good morning Sue, thank you for getting in touch with us today. I thought my experience with my own children would make it perfect to answer these questions you have. I had exactly the same issues with two of my sons. The first thing I would say is go and see a dermatologist, if this is getting him down this much then they can do something about it. In my first sons case his condition cleared in just 4 months and the transformation in his confidence was quite remarkable. To tackle this issue from both angles I would also recommend in the short term until the wider issue can be dealt with a good base liquid foundation, followed by a concealer to specifically target the areas most effective. From my own experience this will help him dramatically, plus he may not be so embarrassed as this make-up site is specifically designed for men. tackle the issue from both sides and wonderful things can be done. We look forward to dealing and processing any potential orders, regards, Sarah

mmuk-id TArgent

Q Hey there, i’m looking for a foundation which doesn’t irritate my skin and I was wondering what shade of foundation I should go for. Also, how would you recommend putting it on?

A Hello there Sir, thank you for getting in touch with your query today. If you’re usually sensitive to facial products such as foundation I would recommend one which is designed to moisturize whilst promoting an even skin tone. We have some available here for example ‘Calvin Klein Infinite Hydration foundation’. In regards to choosing your shade the general rule of thumb is to choose a shade, 1-2 tone’s lighter or darker to your natural skin color. This will really promote subtlety and bring out your natural skin pigments to promote a healthier, smoother and sharp complexion. When it comes to application, the general rule here resides with a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer daily routine, followed by small applications of liquid foundation in the desired areas. Rub in sufficiently with either your clean hands or a pad. We also recommend using shine proof papers if you suffer from naturally oily skin but this is not essential. Good look with your shopping and if you need anything else feel free to contact me (Emma) or one of our team.

mmukid - S_CClay1968.

Q: Hello, My name’s Stuart and I’m now in my early 40’s. I’m quite happy with the overall look of my skin, however, of late my eyes have started to look tired and wrinkles are starting to appear, can you recommend anything for me to keep this area in shape.

A: Hi Stuart, first let me say a big welcome and thank you for registering with us You would be surprised with the numbers of men who contact us with very similar issues to yourself and we can categorically say that by sticking with us after your regime is set in stone you will be more than happy with the advice we give to you through our own experience over recent years. Also by signing up our monthly newsletter has some very interesting articles on tackling issues similar to the one you are experiencing at the moment; so keep an eye out.

Stuart, start off with a good eye based moisturizer, with application 2-3 times per day. This will fight against the appearance of wrinkles and give your under-eye area a softer look hours after application. There are some good quality eye-moisturizer’s out there some containing an ingredient I recommend to all men having similar issues, these being pentipeptides. These are a mixture of amino acids designed to fight your skin’s natural tendency to age. I recommend two products to you which will do the job. L’Oreal Men Experts’ ‘circle eraser eye moisturizer’ and ‘Vita Lift anti puffiness moisturizing eye cream’. Give these two products a try and I guarantee you’ll be coming back for more.

May I also recommend to you a good concealer which can be applied to the skin around the eye giving you instant refreshment. These concealer’s will leave this area visibly smoother with the removal of fine lines, wrinkles and eye-bags. Good luck with addressing your issue and hope we can fulfill your needs. Remember, give these products time and they will certainly look after you.

mmukid -ABMonye

Q Is the makeup for men on your site just for white people?

A Hello, thank you for getting in touch.  Not at all sir, although the availability of a range of tones of mens makeup exists for most products; there are in fact some great makeup for men ranges which we would recommend for darker skinned people.  Leichner, in particular have a wide range of darker shades meaning makeup foundation, concealers and other products they have on offer would definitely be appealing to men with darker kin.  

Alternatively, there are darker shades in other mens foundation and concealers for men from brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, mmuk man and Calvin Klein.  I would recommend using our man-palette by locating the mmuk shade which is right for you and start your product search with that tone in mind.   

If you require any other information on buying mens makeup which is right for you do not hesitate to get back in touch.  

mmukid - new user

Q Hi, I’m looking for the all round makeup for men product which is cheap, effective and most importantly discrete... what would be best for me?  Thanks, Rickie

A Hello there Rickie, thanks for getting in touch today.  My names Lucy and i will be dealing with your question.  

One product really stands out after reading your question.  ‘Taxi Man’s Disguys Concealer’ is the best makeup for men all-in-one tool.  It is very popular for guys who buy mens makeup from us, it is as ever, male specific and is extremely effective.  Cover blemishes, spots, scars and other problem areas quickly and discretely,.  Most guys prefer this all in one cover up stick concealer for men as it’s manly, bold and very easy to apply.  All round a great tool to have close at hand if you need to use makeup for men to improve your appearance.  This product also has nourishing ingredients which keep imperfections away for good.

mmukid - AWeBsTeR

Q Good morning,  I’m an actor and currently am attending lots of auditions.  I’m looking for a range of makeup for men which is going to make me look perfect, flawless and perfect for the camera.  Please can you help?

A Hi Andrew,  Thank you for getting in touch.  We take great pride in offering men out there the make-up solutions they need by offering them high quality products at the best possible prices.  Therefore, a wide range of products from mens moisturisers to mens concealers and from man scara to guy liner we host the products which will fit your requirements when going to auditions.  

I can imagine a job interviews and auditions in your case; you do not want to cut corners when it comes to buying mens makeup.  You need to outclass your competition.  Leichner is a brand offering foundations, concealers and man-scara’s which were originally developed for stage and film.  They have the mens makeup pedigree to produce striking ‘stage like’ looks or subtle professional finishes, depending on the part in which you intend to play.  Their products in particular are great at covering up imperfections and creating a whole new look and are built to last longer than your average, due to the rigorous schedule actors such as yourself may face.   I would recommend you start with Leichner and look into the possibility of highlighting and contouring with makeup for men to dramatically improve your faces shape if needed for that ‘camera ready’ look.  Good luck, Emma.

mmukid - new user

Q Hi, I live quite a hectic lifestyle, long days in the office and I love to go out a good few nights out in the week.  What would I need to do to ensure my skin looks constantly refreshed as I mostly go straight out after work?  Would makeup for men be the answer or am I getting it totally wrong?

A Hello there new user, My name’s Sarah and i’ve been given the responsibility of answering your question today. 

It sounds like you’re quite the party animal.  This can be very rigorous on your skin and facial appearance especially in excess.  In answer to your second question; no, not at all, mens makeup is the final step to an effective grooming and beauty regime for men to leave you looking your best every day; and in your case, night.  

Firstly, I would recommend a strict cleansing and toning regime to ensure dead skin cells and residue are continually removed bulking your naturally fresh look.  

A great mens moisturiser is perfect before applying makeup for men.  They protect, nourish and moisturise your skin to help you in your quest to look blemish free and ready for the challenges of your day.  Makeup for men as we all know and as you almost certainly know is growing and expanding at a huge rate.  Such a social shift gives you more freedom to achieve that imperfection free, flawless finish with the use of mens foundation, concealers for men and perhaps guyliner?  Brands which host ultra long lasting mens makeup include Leichner, Calvin Klein and our very own brand of makeup for men ‘mmuk man’.  Designed to meet the makeup need over Britain’s modern day man.

With a wide range of makeup designed for all walks of your life sir I am sure you will find the products which best suit your needs.  Remember, remove dirt, protect, nourish, moisturise and conceal with a great range of male grooming and mens makeup from  Good luck,  Sarah.

mmukid - new user

Q: Received my CK Creme concealer today and some L'oreal moisturiser and eye roll on.  I was in a bit miffed as to which way round to put it on.  I did eye roll on first, then concealer, then moisturiser.  I'm impressed, my face looks a lot better.  Ami I doing it the right way round?

A: Hello there Matt,  My name is Adam and I've been forwarded your enquiry today by our customer service team as I am MMUK's chief mens makeup artist.  I'm very glad we could help you on this one.

I would personally recommend applying the moisturiser to your face first and rubbing in for 30-60 seconds. I would then apply the eye roll on to your eye bags and you'll feel them instantly refresh. After that, the creme concealer can then be applied to the areas which you wish to disguise.

If you like the effect of a concealer I would personally recommend the use of a liquid foundation. Calvin Klein's liquid foundation or Leichner's Camera Ready Foundation for men are perfect at giving you a fantastic look and are also available in store. We hope you found our service useful and if you need any other advice please do not hesitate to get back in touch with us.

mmukid - new user

Q: Hi,  I currently try to dabble using a concealer stick to hide blemishes and stuff,but it sometimes goes powdery on my face, am i doing something wrong or should i try a liquid foundation. Incidentlally i was thinking of buying the CK Kit,what do you think? x

A: Hello there Matt, thank you very much for getting in touch with us. In some cases concealers for men can go powdery and this often is caused by dry skin or the natural oil levels in your skin being alkaline. To resolve this issue you have we recommend using a cream based concealer for men. 'Calvin Klein's Creme Concealer' is a definite winner when it comes to resolving this issue. Remember to use a good quality moisturiser also and this will ensure your face stays hydrated and nourished tackling the powdery effect you are currently experiencing.

 The Calvin Klein set contains an 'Endless Light Concealer' which may not be the best product for you. In this case Matt, we can swap this concealer with an 'Endless Creme concealer for men' by Calvin Klein, if you wish. The colours are the same so there will be no issue in changing this over.

If you would like to do this then please quote enquiry ID '40267' in the 'additional comments' section upon placing your order as I have now placed a note on our system to make the necessary change to your kit if required.  We hope this information is useful in solving your male cosmetic needs. As always, if you have any other enquiries then please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of the team.  Regards, Louise.

Q Hello,  Please can you help me discover the best bb cream for men for my skin as it is often quite dry and sensitive?

A Hello sir, Thank you very much for contacting Makeup For Men UK.  With regards to BB cream for mens they all have sooting and moisturising components.  These are two of male bb cream’s main components along with containing expert covering agents.  A BB cream which is highly recommended and one in which we get very good feedback from our makeup for men lovers is BRTC’s All In One BB cream for men.  This cream is very enriching and has long lasting nourishing factors which is perfect for sensitive skin as often with the use of other male cosmetics you may find your skin becoming irritable once more as soon as the product has left the skins surface.  This is certainly not the case for one of our best bb creams for men.

Q Hi, Which shade of male tinted moisturiser would you recommend I use as there are two very close to my skin tone in the STILA tinted mens moisturiser?  Thanks, 

A Hi there, thank you very much for your contact and we look forward to providing you with the makeup for men answers and tips you are searching for.  It is not uncommon for a mens makeup customer not to find the perfect matching tone in any of our products as skin tones can range quite vastly.  Fortunately, in the case of a tinted moisturiser for men you are given a little space to manoeuver.  As summer is fast approaching, I would recommend you use the darker option.  Your pigments are likely to darken and this tinted mens moisturiser will blend perfectly with the melanin in your skin.  A darker shade this time of year is perfect.  Remember, that as tinted moisturisers for men aren’t quite as full a coverage as say, foundation, you can afford to be a little more experimental with equally as good results.  We hope you have a lovely day. 

Q Hello there, I have very little time for makeup for men application in the mornings as I work shifts.  I would like one or two products which I can put on quickly and easily to improve my skins health and appearance.  Can you recommend any?

A Hi Sir,  Thank you for getting in touch and I am sure we will be able to help. If I had to keep it to two products then it would have to be a moisturiser for men and a tinted moisturiser.  If you’re fighting fatigue I would recommend L’Oreal Men Experts Hydra Energetic moisturiser.  This will instantly refresh your skin and improve it’s condition dramatically within 7-10 days.  

Secondly, I would suggest using a tinted moisturiser.  You haven’t mentioned severe skin conditions such as moderate spots and acne so the coverage offered by such a tinted moisturiser for men would be perfect for adding a little freshness to your complexions, as appose to concealing moderate skin issues.  I hope you enjoy these suggestions and very much look forward to you shopping with us.

Q Hi, could you tell me please if you ship to Switzerland? Also, I am interested in buying makeup for men and in particular the CK Makeup For Men Mega Kit.  However, I am not sure which version of the foundation and concealer to use as it says (Liquid/Matte) and (Pen/Creme).  I’m looking to conceal some rough skin and redness and keeping my ‘makeup’ appearance to an absolute minimum.  I hope you can help?

A Hello there all the way from the United Kingdom.  I am happy to confirm that we do ship to Switzerland.  Please allow 7 to 10 working days for delivery, although on average international orders get delivered within 5.  

With regards to your Calvin Klein makeup for men query I know just the answers.  If you are looking for masculinity and to promote a manly look, I recommend using the ‘matte’ version of the foundation for men.  The anti shine finish offered by such a mens foundation is highly desired by our existing clients.  The coverage offered will be exactly the same, however, the subtlety of your makeup will last long into your day.  Unless you have naturally dry skin, this would be the perfect option for you.  

With regards to the concealer option, the pen is typically used for under eye treatments and in disguising dark circles.  The creme concealer is typically used for covering up imperfections such as spots and blemishes.  As you are searching for this in a concealer the ‘Creme’ option would suit your requirements best.

I hope you found the answer your were looking for and If you require further assistance.  Please get in touch. 

Q Hello there, I desperately need help transforming my eye region.  Unruly brows, dark circles, weak limp lashes and constantly looking tired are looks that i’m trying ever so hard to vanish.  I’ve been unlucky up to now with eye makeup for men.  Please could you help?

A Hello there Luke, thank you for giving consent for your name to be used.  Okay, let’s go back to basics and strip it to the bare bones.  The first issue and underlying problem you are experiencing is dark circles.  There are some great treatments to help with this.  A duo I like to recommend is a L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Roll On, which will make your contours tighter and more defined.  This product will remove your tired look and rejuvenate your under eyes.  As for alleviating the dark nature of your eyes, a highlighter pen is brilliant.  Calvin Klein’s concealer pen is by far our most popular.  Apply a small amount to under the eye on your eye bags once or twice a day to see a great improvement.  

As for your unruly brows,  I recommend using a mens brow gel matching your brow colour.  With this you can shape, refine and control your eye brows; giving you a more model like look. 

Finally, to help transform your lashes, Calvin Klein’s Brown Guyliner is perfect.  It’s brown shade promotes subtlety. This product grips onto each individual eye lash and lengthens and defines each one individually for a more striking, on form look.  There are cheaper alternatives to these eye makeup for men products available on our Mens Makeup online store.  But as for recommendations, I think you would get off to a great start with these four products.  Thank you very much for contacting us.

Q: Hi, I have used a variety of foundations for men in the past and always seem to get a cakey glare appearance on my face.  I really struggle to keep it natural.  Could you let me know if this can be prevented?

A: Hi Sir, Thank you for getting in touch with us with regards to your makeup for men concern.  Firstly, you may have tried already, but using a ‘matte’ foundation is a great way to get rid of that shiny, cakey glow which, let’s face it, doesn’t look masculine.  As for avoiding that cakey look in general then a men’s pressed powder may do just the trick.  We have Calvin Klein Mens Bronzing Powder in our makeup for men online shop which is very popular amongst our customers.  Apply a little to begin with and gradually find a balance which takes away that cakey edge but also doesn’t make you look unnaturally bronzed.  There are some very good substitute bronzing powders for men out there but, I would definitely recommend Calvin Klein’s finishing powder. 

Q: Good morning, What would be the quickest and easiest way to cover up patchy, dry and rough skin?

AGood morning sir. Not surprisingly we get a large volume of related queries from makeup for men lovers with regards to rough skin. It’s something that unfortunately as you get older every man has to endure due to the environmental factors your skin is ultimately placed under. As far as long term methods go, regular cleansing and toning along with the use of a daily moisturiser will rejuvenate your skin cells and provide highly beneficial nourishing moisture and protection to your skin.  In the short run however, the cures are slightly different.

A high quality men’s concealer stick is the first choice for most when bidding to cover up rough skin.  The benefits of a concealer stick for men is that it’s slightly thicker texture has the ability to cover up large proportions of rough skin quickly and expertly.  Such a concealer for men tends to be much more durable and therefore can match the demands placed upon it due to the modern mans busy schedule. 

As far as recommendations go, Taxi Man’s Disguys concealer stick for men and makeup for men Expert’s STILA’s cover-up concealer stick for men would be the best way to go.  Both are available at great prices at our online makeup for men store and will certainly improve the texture of your skins surface.

Q: Should I shave every day before applying makeup for men?

A: Hi there, A big thank you for your contact.  I am pleased to inform you that shaving is not imperative before applying makeup for men products such as foundations, concealers and bronzers for men.  The only thing I would suggest is taking a little extra time over your unshaven facial areas whilst applying your makeup for men.  Be sure to rub the product in well going against the grain of your hair to guarantee the product connects sufficiently with your skin.  From then on you’ll have the finish of a professional. 

Q:  Hi, I Want to use a mens concealer stick which is fifteen pounds.  I use one now which comes in light medium and dark.. I use medium, would you know what I would use on this concealr thanks?

A:  Good morning,  Thank you for contacting us today.  I am happy to confirm that shade N7 is the best colour for medium looking skin and is available in most of our concealers for men. 

Q:  Fine lines coming from my eyes and down, any suggestions to cover?

A:  Good evening Mark,  I'd suggest a Men's Foundation and Creme Concealer such as those linked below. Using a foundation underneath the concealer provides a base for blending concealer products, ensuring a natural finish.

Q:  I'm a 21 year old guy, fairly neutral skin colour although I do tan easily. I do, however, have red patches on my cheeks. A lot of the time they don't bother me, they're just a little rosy and almost an endearing feature. When I find myself in social situations though, especially with alcohol involved, I blush terribly. For the past couple of years I've used a yellow base designed for people with my problem whenever I go on a night out. It is designed to go under foundation though and I think it is sometimes quite visible. I'm wondering if you could recommend a foundation that will fade the blushing but not completely cover my complexion as my mates would soon figure out that my rosy cheeks had disappeared and would start to ask questions! Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance.

A:  Hello there Alex,  Thanks for contacting us here at MMMUK.  Sure, I can definitely recommend a couple of products that you could try.  If you're going to use a foundation, i'd always suggest that you use a MakeUp Base (also called Skin Primer) prior to application. This ensures that there is a definite base for the foundation to sit on and stops it soaking into your skin. Many men often ignore this step and end up with blotchy skin where the foundation 'clings' onto any drier skin areas and makes the foundation more noticeable.  Use the Makeup Base all over the face, this can be done using your finger tips, and then apply the product that you mention.  Once you have done this, apply the foundation with a foundation brush.  Using the brush will ensure you get the most natural finish, and you only need a small amount of product to get a sufficient coverage.  The products I would recommend would be: MMUK Man Foundation for Men  This foundation is quite lightweight so won't give you too think a coverage.  CK Men's MakeUp Base  Men's Foundation Brush  As I said above, as long as you don't apply too much foundation at once, your look will remain natural.

Q: Comment: Hello, I'm very interested in your products. I think a guy should have the option to maintain a good appearance. so firstly thank you. A student is always looking to be fresh!  Secondly I'm in the process of potentially buying your MMUK foundation, preferably the High definition foundation. I have a few imperfections and a pale skin tone, so I'm wondering if the N3 shade is light enough?  I've used light shades before and they were just a little dark for my skin, but porcelain is usually okay. any thoughts?. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

A: Hello there Danny, Thanks for getting in touch with us today! Really pleased to hear you like the products on our site and couldn't agree more about looking great :)  Our Hi-Def Foundation has a lighter coverage than our other foundations tend to have, which means they are of a lighter shade, too - great news for you!  If you are usually a porcelain tone, then N3 should be pretty perfect for you.

We always recommend applying your foundation with a foundation brush, too, as this helps to blend the shades of the foundation into your skin, meaning you can blend the product into your natural skin tone with a little more ease.  I hope this answers your query, however if there is anything else you wish to ask, please don't hesitate to give me a shout!

Q:  Hello I'm thinking of ordering the stila expert tinted moisturiser but struggling to decide what shade to choose as I'm very very pale skinned but want a bit of colour. Any expert advice would be most grateful. Thanks scott

A:  Hi Scott, thank you for contacting MMUK MAN.  You are in luck! We actually have 1 shade of tinted moisturiser left in the colour bare which resembles N5 to N6 on our palette. It is not on the website due to short supply however, it may just be for you.  It has a slight hint of colour and is designed for men of celtic skin colour or whom are very pale. If you would like to order, as this option is not on the site. feel free to select 'tone' as your colour choice and I will personally keep an eye out and make the switch before the despatch of your product.  These are very natural tinted moisturisers and wil give your skin an even tone and very refined complexion. this product does also work extra well with STILA Men Experts Concealer Stick For Men, which covers up skin specific imperfections such as redness, blemishes, moles etc.  I hope this was useful.


Dear Alex,

I hope you are well. My name is Ben (27) and I am completely new to the idea of make-up for men.  I am writing to you because recently I have become more conscious of my image as a man. I do not feel like a dignified man and I don't feel beautiful (if a man can use such a word). I've been working for two years now but before that I was unemployed for a long time, my confidence slipped as well as the image I had of myself (not to mention the image I portreyed to others). My social life is still not as I want it to be and I feel isolated.  Some of these feelings have changed, for example I work now, I have a fiancee and I have made some leaps e.g. I have just come back from my first time abroad. If I am honest with myself however, I do feel that the way I look is making me a little afraid of being around people. I look at others and I feel I stick out or I am out of place.

I know that writing to you is not a one-stop solution to addressing these feelings entirely but I hoped for your advice and I attach a photo. I am very much a less-is-more kind of person and I know that I'm not ugly, I am just average.  The nature of my work means that I have to shave every day which causes my skin to be very dry and rough and although I do moisturise, as you can see from my picture, my beardline really sticks out and my face looks generally tired. I would love a more appealing and even complexion.

Your advice would be very much appreciated.  Thank you in advance and kind regards


Hello there Mr Berry,  I hope you are well.

Thank you for contacting me. 

It’s great to hear from you and after working here for a number of years and seeing the transformation between not only men’s looks, but also their confidence, I am 100% sure I will be able to help you.  I don’t want you to be standing on the fringes, instead, I want you looking, and most importantly feeling great and the best way I know how to do that, is with a few products and a few industry tricks.

I would say that despite you’re initial thoughts about men’s makeup being feminine, we have some clients in the Army and Marines who use it and after use would not be without it after seeing its performance.  I’m very glad that you are putting things in your life into place and although makeup isn’t the be all and end all, like you say, it will make you feel instantly better.  I like to refer to it as a camouflage that is a catalyst to general life improvement.

The best two products which have brought guys most success are MMUK MAN’s foundation and concealer trio.  The foundation is great for providing a blanket of natural and subtle coverage to blemishes as well as ads a great continual tone to your skin with a nice subtle hint of colour, without going OTT.  This product would suit you well, mainly because on the whole,  I can see mild facial imperfections across planes of your face, as appose to specific problem areas.

The concealer trio can be used after applying our foundation to defined imperfections (such as above your left brow) which may be causing you some issues.  A simple swipe with the concealer and the vast majority of imperfections are wonderfully camouflaged.  Both products are great for the skin, however, I do recommend using a men’s daily moisturiser prior to applying men’s makeup, really for that all day long freshness and comfort.   I will go on to skin care in a little while. The concealer trio is perfect for men starting off with mens makeup, as the three slightly different tones guarantee a good match, allowing you to experiment with blending. 

When it comes to your eyes dark circles however, something a little more specialist is adopted by our clients.  A light reflecting concealer for men (such as Calvin Klein’s) is perfect as it specifically is designed for this purpose and rids your skin of puffiness, dark circles and general eye fatigue.  I feel like this would be a great product for you and will ask my manager to include one free, should you wish to place an order.  Mainly, because I know, starting off can be expensive.  Fortunately, a lot of the products last a long time,(4 months+), taking the edge off the initial cost.


I have included the URL’s for these three products below:

All of these three products are incredibly subtle and last all day, meaning, no rubbing off on items of clothing.  Remember to use little amounts to begin with and really feel your way in to makeup over a number of days.  For extreme subtlety in application I would recommend using a foundation and concealer brush respectively, which last a good while and is perfect at getting a natural complexion with no foundation/concealer marks.

Our pallet colour N5 is very popular amongst fairer skinned gentlemen, and I feel this would be a great place to start.  Fortunately MMUK MAN are great at blending meaning a great colour match, even if the base is slightly off.  However, it is a case of practice makes perfect. 

Now, onto a bit of skin care.  We don’t sell a wide selection of it, however, the best place I know online is and I use a lot of their stuff. 

Combating post shave irritation, toughness and general fatigue can be tricky, but there’s one product which I would use before a daily moisturiser after your shave.  The feeling you get is great and it really compliments application of makeup.  

I hope this information was useful Ben and If I can assist in any more ways please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards