Good morning, My name is David and I am writing you from Spain. I am interested in some MMUK products of your web page but I need some advice about your makeup products for men before complete the shopping. I don’t have too much experience about makeup, in my everyday routine I normally use moisturiser and coloured bb cream in order to correct my skin tone slightly and sometimes also some bronzing powders or guyliner if I go out at night. I would like to try new products but as I have no experience about them I would like you to help me with this task. Attached to this email I am sending you some face pictures in order you could help me finding my skin tone or any other suggestions.

- I am interested in using foundation for men, but I have a doubt about if it is better to use a liquid foundation or a powder foundation. Which one would you recommend for a beginner.

- About concealer, I have been reviewing the MMUK MAN concealer in stick, but I have also seen liquid concealer, which one could be the best option?

- When using foundation, I suppose it is recommendable to finish with some antishine powder, which one do you recommend?

The idea is not using these products in my everyday routine, I will use then only in special occasions.

On the other hand, as I told you sometimes I use guyliner when I go out at night, I have seen that MMUK also has mascara I think it could be a good option too, but I am afraid because I think that a coloured mascara could not be very discrete, for using mascara together with guyliner do you recommend me using a clear one or a coloured one?

Thanks a lot for your help. I look forward hearing form you in order to complete my order.

Good morning David, It’s great to hear from you and I’m delighted that you are interested in our makeup for men line. I’ve just had a read of your e-mail and I’m very confident we can help.

You may be surprised to know that most guys who are new to shopping with us don’t have that much experience with makeup and often need to start from scratch. As you have a little experience with BB cream, bronzer and guy liner, this will help in making the most out of our products.

I’ve had a look at your attached photos and I can confirm that N5 would be the most appropriate colour for you on our palette. I’d also recommend our bronzer in the colour 300 and any brow products in the colour black.

As the main thing you are looking is to look good for special occasions, whilst achieving a natural look, I’d like to recommend a set of product that will create a subtle routine that will correct your skin tone and give you an overall healthy complexion.

I’d firstly recommend starting with a skin primer, as these are particularly good at moisturising the skin and creating a good base that can be built on with foundation and concealer. I’d therefore suggest applying a couple of drops of our Camera Ready primer.

Next, a liquid foundation can be used over a powder version as this has better skin tone enhancing ability. In order to get the best application, apply the foundation to your face with our blending oblong sponge, which should be slightly damp. If you dot it around your face and then blend it in it will look great.

With regards to concealer, I’d recommend our liquid under eye concealer, which can be applied around the eyes to brighten and improve their look instantly. This concealer can also be dabbed onto any blemishes that may pop up and blended in. Each product does have a video tutorial as well if you’re looking for some tips on the best application.

To finish, I’d definitely recommend applying our anti-shine powder with a powder brush. If you’re on a night out or at a special occasion, this product will leave your skin looking shine free and will make sure that your products look natural and stay in place all day and all night. It’s also good for photographs too as it makes sure the skin doesn’t glare or glow.

When it comes to enhancing your eyes, I always recommend guys the same three products, which again are perfect for a special occasion. I’d recommend our black eyeliner for your eyes to frame and enhance them. I’d then also recommend apply our clear mascara and clear brow gel at the end of your routine to instantly conform and enhance them. Because both formulas are clear, they make the eyes look very natural and in now way feminine.

I really hope that my suggestions were helpful and you feel comfortable with these products for your special occasions. I’m always here after your purchase too in case you have more questions

I’ve also put links below to my suggestions in the order you should apply them. Thank you, Lucy

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