With the party season just around the corner, there’s a good chance that you’ve got a high number of festive functions and Christmas drinks being penned into your calendar, probably by the day. Then there’s the office Christmas party to think about and all the fun that that involves. One thing that might not be as fun is trying to stay on top of a fresh and clear complexion over the coming weeks, as late nights, after-work drinks and the odd indulgent takeaway or two start to play havoc with your skin’s vitality.

If you’re keen to look on top form for your Christmas party, then MMUK MAN have assembled a war chest of creative tips and tricks that will allow you to put your best face forward over the holidays.

Preparation Is Key

The trick is to always start with a good quality men’s moisturiser or if you prefer, a skin primer. This type of male cosmetic product works wonders in softening and smoothing out your skin and helps to build the perfect blank canvas that can be built upon beautifully with makeup. Apply a skin primer over your face and let it sink in for a moment, before moving onto step two.

Don’t Be A Pale Dale

With December nearly upon us, unless you’ve managed to escape the cold and grab yourself some winter sun, then there’s a high chance you’ll be feeling a little pale these days. Combat this by next applying a men’s tinted moisturiser. This type of product has fantastic skin evening qualities and blemish covering power. They also do a fantastic job at giving your complexion a subtle hint of colour - allowing you to nicely side-step that dreaded Pale Dale tag amongst your colleagues.

Conceal and Reveal

After you’ve applied your primer and tinted moisturiser, you’ll instantly see that your skin’s blemishes look much less noticeable and in some cases may have in fact disappeared. For any lingering blemishes that are visible, simply dab a little concealer over them and blend in using a blending brush - instantly giving your confidence a boost. A men’s concealer is so easy to master and most look very natural - just remember gents that a little goes a long way!

Don’t Forget The Eyes

Next, dab a little under eye concealer to the contours of your eyes and round their outer area to instantly disguise those dreaded bags and dark circles. A men’s under eye concealer works well at brightening this difficult to manage area, meaning if you’re trying to hide the effects of a heavy night, you can do so without your cover being blown. You may even wish to add a little clear mascara to your lashes and clear brow gel to your eyebrows, if you’re looking to go the extra mile and look perfect for all those dreaded selfies with Sue from accounts, that will inevitably end up splashed all over Facebook at 7 a.m the following morning.

Finish In Style

After you’ve finished applying your concealers and other eye products, all that’s left is to dust a little anti-shine powder over your forehead, cheeks and nose, to ensure your boat race remains shine free and in place all night. With the glare of party and restaurant lights, you won’t want a shiny t-zone to be your Achilles heal, so enjoy the protection of a men’s face powder and get on with the evenings antics without having to worry about a thing.