Over the years we’ve received e-mail after e-mail in relation to one matter. Namely, acne and spots suffered by today’s young gentlemen.  Mothers and young men themselves regularly write in to see if there’s anything that can be done to help their appearance during this somewhat troublesome time.

We’re here to help gentlemen!  We know the affects bad skin, acne, black heads and spots in general can have on your life as a whole.  The ugly truth is with exams, girls, jobs and everything else going on in your life, your skin really doesn’t need to be hampering you in achieving anything you want to.

We also know the 5 step solution to drastically improve your skins appearance, health and nourishment with mens makeup.  We’re on a sole mission to improve the appearance of every man out there with mens cosmetics and most notably foundation and concealers for men.  

It is important to remember that in severe cases of acne and spots makeup for men can only offer a disguise and cover the affected skin up on a day to day basis.  Medical help is out there with the aid of a dermatologist and we’ve seen the evidence of amazing transformations very similar to the ones achieved by makeup for men.

The Rules:

  • Never pick, squeeze or burst pimples - doing so can result it permanent scaring, the spreading of the condition and add to your faces redness.  By using mens makeup to cover up such imperfections; your temptation to do this will be lessened due to your cleaner and fresher look.
  • Stick to washing 2 times per day - Washing too much will destroy your skins ability to rebalance its natural oil levels resulting in the overproduction of oils on the skin; a major cause of acne and spots.
  • Use the right products at the right times - By over washing or using too much of a product can seriously hamper the appearance of your skin and often result in acne developing.  Mens cosmetics and makeup for guys can do a great job if they’re used in the right ways.


The Steps:

  • Wash using a Facial Scrub.  Remember not to scrub too hard as this is a common mistake made by many teenagers desperately trying to extinguish troublesome areas.  Wash no more than two times per day and give yourself the base in which you can add mens makeup to achieve a more confident look.  Press your skin with a towel to dry in order to not disrupt such areas.
  •  Remember to Cleanse and Tone!  A good quality cleanser and toner will remove unwanted toxins, deep dirt and rebalance your skins natural oil level whilst at the same time refresh, nourish and protect the skins surface from bacteria causing acne.  Often refereed to as the clean up crew the marvelous changes this duo contribute to in your skins health and appearance are caused by their ability to affect your skins oil retention; a major cause of spots and acne in young men in particular.  This combined with some great mens makeup products can transform your life, look and confidence.
  • Don’t moisturise!   A common mistake by Britain’s youth is to think that moisturiser for men will help clear and cover up acne, it simply wont.  Moisturisers hydrate your skin in such a way that hair follicles and pores are more prone to infection.  Your skin is naturally very oily during this time another cause of spot generation, we really do not need to be promoting this and if anything want to achieve the complete opposite.  At this stage of life young men need to keep their skin as dried out as possible in order for the condition to deteriorate.
  •  Use a high quality Mens Foundation.  By using a matte-oil free foundation or liquid foundation your skin will receive just enough hydration not to dry out to the degree that it becomes sore, unappealing and flakey.  Such a full coverage foundation for men can be applied to your fingertips and then gently rubbed into your face in a similar way you would add a moisturiser in the past.  Remember to rub in evenly and apply as much as is needed to cover up the appearance of your spots.  In severe cases you will need more product.  The subtlety of such a mens makeup foundation will ensure that a natural look is maintained whilst spot after spot becomes concealed.  Watch your confidence transform and regain that smile after looking in the mirror.  For naturally oiler complexions we recommend a matte foundation as this will counteract your skins oily nature and conceal even better. 
  • Touch up with a concealer for men.  Concealers can be applied using their inbuilt application wand or makeup for men brush.  Apply a small amount to the areas most effected on your face and then rub in using your finger tips, wand or brush.  This targeting technique is regularly used by the experts and gives that area of your skin extra concealment when it comes to covering up spots.  A mens foundation and concealer can be a deadly duo for tackling the appearance of spots during this time of your life and quite frankly they will be the best value for money product you ever buy!  Your happiness is a your major value and makeup for men certainly can strive you towards that.


The Results:

By following the above steps you will see an immediate and long term improvement to your skins condition.  Immediately you will see spots, acne, redness and scars visibly reduced after applying your foundation and concealer for men.  Banish imperfection and fight against acne with some high quality products designed for your skin.  

By following the grooming regime above you will also notice a long term improvement to your skins overall condition.  Dirt, toxins and under the surface impurities will be washed away and kept away by a high quality oil rebalancing cleanser and toner duo.  By following the above mens makeup tips your skin will also start to repair itself and look generally healthier even before the application of mens makeup.

Become a man and gain a mans look by making acne and spots a thing of your past.  Read carefully and implement correctly and you certainly won’t be left disappointed.  Regain your smile and regrow your confidence with your new look.  We are very proud to offer the products which will guarantee your happiness when it comes to your skins appearance.  Mens makeup, it’s not for boys, it’s for men.