Hi there MMUK, Could you please advise on suitable products for me to use. I previously have used a tinted moisturiser which has now been discontinued and not sure which colour option to select to give a natural glow/tint that can be used every day that will also even out my skin tone (rosey cheeks!) along with an eye bag concealer. I would also be interested in the beard filler as have some patchy parts though keep it to more of a stubble. I am ginger naturally by dye my hair an ash blond so would want something to also slightly colour my stubble at the same time (blonde). I also am looking for a brow gel/slight colour to give a bit more definition that would match the blonde hair without standing out too much (but more than they do now) finally I have really light eye lashes and would be interested in advice on again a product that would give my eyes natural definition. All of the above I would need to look as natural as possible

Look forward to hearing from you as the reviews on your site really sing your praises! I have attached a photo... Many thanks, Liam.

Good morning Liam, I hope you are well and thank you very much for getting in touch with us. I can confirm that the colour N4 is the most appropriate colour on our MMUK MAN colour palette to match your skin tone. Most guys tend to start with a foundation and concealer and either a bronzer or anti shine powder. As you have specified that you are looking for an every day men’s makeup routine that will even your skin tone and enhance your features, whilst looking as natural as possible - i’m very confident we can help with the below suggestions.

As you're looking to even out your skin tone, I'd recommend our BB cream in the colour Fair (first colour option on the left). This cream has very natural looking coverage and will also enhance the texture and surface of your skin. To brighten and improve the appearance of your under eye area, our under eye concealer is the perfect option. Simply dab this onto your under eye contours and blend in using your finger tip for the very best results. This is a lovely concealer for improving dark circles and fine lines too if you get them from time to time.

For the enhancement of stubble, I'd recommend our beard filler in the colour blonde to match your dye'd hair. When applying this, less really is more and just a gentle stroke over any patchy or thinning areas of stubble will give just enough enhancement to improve the overall look. It’s a great idea too to apply beard filler with an angled brush, as this will ensure the right amount of product is transferred onto your patchy hair, without it looking too dark or obvious. As with most makeup for men products, with a couple of practices, you’ll soon be feeling much more confident in pulling your products off naturally.

Our blonde brow gel will do a nice job too at giving your eyebrows a touch of conformity. You can also use your blonde beard filler in your brows too if you find them looking thin or patchy, but afterwards a gentle glide of brow gel will give them nice definition and enhancement. When applying brow gel, work from the centre outwards on each brow and you only need to use a little to get natural looking results.

Finally, for your eyelashes I'd recommend our clear mascara to give them a slightly thicker and fuller look. This lash ware mascara can be applied from root to tip in gentle stroking motions from beneath the lashes. This will make sure they conform and raise and because the formula is clear, it will look completely natural.