Over the coming months, we’ll be getting the low down in a series of interviews with the hottest bloggers, influencers and vloggers currently out there. What better way to kick things off than with an interview with Gianni, editor-in-chief of the hugely popular G-Edit. We sat down with the fashion and male grooming connoisseur himself this week and looked to discover just why tens of thousands of men are turning into his blog each and every week.

What do you think are the main drivers for men investing more and more in skin care and cosmetics?

I think it's crazy how the male grooming industry has grown rapidly over the past few years, but the reason I think everyone is taking a little more interest and attention to their appearance is popular television. But I guess Men taking an interest in grooming has been around for a while. Take a look at the dandy trend, these Gent's take pride in their appearance and have done for years. When we look at modern day influences I think it's down to popular TV such as Made In Chelsea, Geordie Shore and TOWIE. This influence has made Men actually take pride in looking after their skin and appearance and I personally LOVE that Men want to look and feel good.

What brands do you think are going to be hot during Autumn and Winter 17?

Brands are really stepping up their skincare and cosmetic game, but I guess the brand that's really caught my eye is Tom Ford Beauty. Tom Ford have an incredible range of Men's skincare, grooming and cosmetics so I'm really excited to see what they're working on this season. LAB Series is also on fire at the moment. They have some amazing products for Men, I especially love their tinted moisturiser.

What does your daily skin care routine consist of and how many products?

So I tend to mix up my skincare routines a lot depending on what products I'm trying and also the weather. In the Summer I tend to have quite a basic routine - cleanse, tone, moisturise and a treatment if I've got any blemishes. In the Winter (my skin hates the Winter) I throw in some eye cream, facial oils and serums to help combat the harsh, cold weather on my skin. If you're someone who hasn't got a clue where to begin, I recommend starting off with a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

Where do you think men's beauty is heading and what treatments do you think will become modern place within the world of men's grooming?

I'm seeing more and more men go and get their eye brows done! I've never had someone else do my eye brows yet but it's always something I've been interested in. My friend gets his girlfriend to do his and I also know a guy that religiously books an appointment every fortnight to get fleeky brows! I also think more and more salons will start to offer a wide range of mens treatments as the demand is only getting bigger.

How long ago did you start the G Edit and what topics does your content cover?

I started The G Edit 4 years ago, and at first, I didn't see it as 'a blog' that people would end up reading. I had really bad acne and it was my place to document what products worked and what products didn't. I then started to share these posts over social media, and before I knew it people were asking me multiple times a week for recommendations, brands were contacting me for collaborations and my daily views went up and up! It was crazy. After about a year of blogging my content changed into more lifestyle pieces, covering topics such as travel, fashion, food - and everything in between. I like to think of it as my little space on the internet where I can talk about what products and brands I love but also throwing in a little life advice here and there. I enjoy writing these posts the most, it's like therapy!

Do you drawer inspiration from any other men's blogs out there currently on the scene?

Of course! I have some amazing male blogger friends that inspire me daily! I guess a few of my favourites would be my pals Jared (@jared_ldn) and Joe (@jcpeters_). Their content is amazing and I love how they're constantly innovating themselves to stay up to date with the trends. But if I was going to list all of the people who inspire me I'd be here all day, you're best looking at who I'm following on Instagram! I think the blogging community is a touchy subject to some, it can be quite a dog eat dog, but I know that the guys I'm in touch with daily are amazing and I'm super grateful to know them.

What makes the G Edit different from most other men's lifestyle blogs out there?

I think first of all, most bloggers these days don't actually have a physical blog, they are on YouTube or Instagram (which is totally fine). I think the difference with me is a lot of my content has a story behind it, or some advice to back up what I'm trying to get across to my readers. I tend to get the best feedback from these ones as well, people love some positive inspiration.

What does the future hold for the G Edit and will you be diversifying into any new topic areas?

The future of The G Edit is exciting! I have some really amazing projects that I'm currently working on or that are coming up so I'm excited to finally announce those. I think my content is already diverse and I try not to limit myself to certain areas or fields. I guess if I like, it and it's something that benefits my life and I want to benefit others, I'll write about it! But I'm very excited for what the future holds!