What do you think are the main factors contributing to the growth of men wearing makeup?

Since 19/20 years old I started to use makeup as I had bad skin to cover up, but now I love it, I use makeup for a natural look. I can’t live without it, I am so pleased I discovered MMUK MAN. I’d say that problematic skin is one of the main factors that’s creating such a buzz for men’s makeup.

What are some of your favourite makeup products and why?

I love MMUK MAN foundation and bronzer for sure!! The best covered and natural looking one I ever used, I also use concealer from revolution brand just because it’s all natural looking skin makeup which is what I like.

Are the majority of your listeners looking for makeup tips or just general grooming advice?

Not so much my listeners, but my Instagram and twitter people ask or DM me, asking what have you used on your skin, makeup or hair products, which is lovely to have as I felt over the years growing and expanding people now like to know more about me and what I like.

What made you start your Show?

Ive been in the showbiz world since 2015 and the show I launched in January 2017 as a LGBT+ presenter, I wanted to bring a show that has peoples idols on talking showbiz, coming out, good stories and bad stories. I did some research and not many shows were out there like mine, which was a good thing to break this kind of category in the podcast world.

How bigger role do you think Influencers and vloggers are playing in the emergence of this beauty category?

You see more and more every day! Someone new will pop up haha! But, it’s amazing to have these people. They teach you so much and I learnt a lot watching others. I think the good thing about what I do is that I show my beauty and fashion side, but also events and presenting I do also, so people can have all of me :).

What do you think the future holds for male beauty market?

It’s expanding for sure. You can see now that there’s more face products in men’s ranges and some companies now say unisex, which to be honest should of been done ages ago! Give it another 5 years and it’ll be huge for sure!

Do you think there are enough brands already catering for men or should there be more?

L'Oreal has done great men’s ranges before. I remember it was all about the ladies, other small brands are starting to pop up. I don’t think it could ever be enough. I mean, there’s tons of ladies products out there and people have different tastes and certain products they love so they mix ‘n’ match.

Who is your average listener and what skin problems are they most interested in treating/covering with men's cosmetics?

On my show and social media I’ve been very open on my bad skin in my teens and how it affected me. They like to know what I use and like using, but I try to always remember everyones skin is different and needs different things. You have to find the right product to cater to you.

Do you think you'll venture into other areas of male beauty in the near future?

I am always open to try new and do new things. Right now, I love what I have and use, but you never know - a Scott Mcglynn skin range may come out in the future, haha. Right now I’m working hard on my show and getting my book finished for release.

Should all men feel comfortable wearing makeup?

Yes absolutely! why not? Men in movies, on TV and in bands wear it and they always look lush, even if they are manly men! I think every man should at least have some concealer for those baggy eyes after a later night.