BB Creams For Men: The Future of Male Cosmetics?

BB creams for men; a term us guys will be hearing a lot over the coming months because this revolutionary skin product has quite simply exploded onto the makeup for men and male skin care scene since late 2011.  Skin care, rejuvenation and perfection has never been so easy or enjoyable with the aid of one of our expert male bb creams.  

Where did BB creams for men originate from?

Male Blemish balms are hot property in the Korean male grooming industry.  However, that’s not where the story began for these marvelous skin products.  

The BB cream phenomenon was originally used by German dermatologists to treat patients with a variety of serious skin conditions.  Despite being rebranded for general consumers much of the properties of BB cream still remain; properties which are now available to the men of Britain in their bid to gain radiant, hydrated and flawless looking skin.

Inspired by dermatologists, BB creams originally catered for gentlemen post laser skin surgery, professionally rejuvenating skin cells. Now however, BB creams are perfect for men who suffer with acne prone skin and/or sensitive skin

What do BB creams for men cover up?

BB creams designed for men cover a wide range of skin imperfections including; uneven skin surfaces and tones, dark circles, acne scars, blemishes and age spots.  BB creams also expertly cover up freckles, scars, sun spots and  rough skin.

What are the long term benefits of male BB creams? 

Over time and with regular use your skin will appear more radiant than ever before, your natural skin tone will appear more even and expert moisturising compounds will provide you with endless soft, smooth and supple skin.

What else do Mens BB creams have to offer?

Most male BB creams tighten pores, control sebum levels in the skin and resurrect skin pigments to give the appearance of a continuous flawless complexion with a youthful element.  Anti-wrinkle compounds also tackle the onset of wrinkles and if that wasn’t enough, BB creams for men also encompass sunblock to give you ultimate comfort and moisturisation in the height of summer and winter respectively.

Who should use BB creams for men?

If you’re a young man suffering with skin troubles or an older gentlemen wishing to recoup his youthful radiance there is a male BB cream out there for you.  Whether you’re looking to protect, correct or perfect your skin, look no further than a makeup for men BB cream.  Offering the same light coverage as a foundation for men and concealing imperfections as good as a mens concealer:  Men of all ages can and are enjoying the benefits of these simply remarkable makeup for men products.

How long does it take to see the long term effects of BB cream?

Usual dermatological prognosis states that you should visibly see the improved condition of your skin within one to three months of daily use.  This heightens the performance of mens BB cream by not only covering up imperfections instantly but conquering the long term effects on your skin; tackling the root cause of imperfections day in day out.   

What shades should I buy my mens BB cream in?

As BB creams offer nude coverage and pigment refining technology they subsequently only come in one singular shade.  With a colour very similar to a male moisturiser, these BB creams blend in to your skin amazingly well, regardless of your skin tone; meaning subtlety and masculinity remain very much part of your mans world.

How and when do I apply BB creams for men?

Most men apply BB cream once a day as it essentially is a makeup for men product, albeit in a more subtle and easy to apply format.  BB creams for men should be applied post moisturisation using just your fingertips and a carefully constructed routine explained below.  Should you wish to wear BB cream for men on a night out, you can do so as it applies excellent subtle coverage, perfect if you’re hitting the bars and clubs.

Firstly, apply a small drop (1.5cm wide) onto your hand, in the same way you might a mens moisturiser.  Divide this drop into five sections on the following parts of your face: Forehead, each cheek, nose and chin.  Using two to three fingers rub the male blemish balm into the skin in that particular area, remembering to blend all five sections in evenly.  Continue to rub in until there is no visible signs of excess bb cream on the very surface of your face.  You’re done!   Simply allow 30 minutes to an hour for your new mens BB cream to blend in expertly giving you a radiant and imperfection free complexion.

How do I remove mens bb cream?

Removal is easy, and can be done in a variety of ways.  Warm soapy water can be used to remove your BB cream or alternatively you can use a makeup for men remover or a face wipe.  If either of these options are not viable you can use a mens cleanser and toner and watch your new BB cream effortlessly be removed thanks to the high impact formulas such cleansers and toners contain.

What brands of BB creams for men are available?

Men’s health magazine published the top five mens BB cream brands of 2012 earlier this year.  These include:  Missha (Urban Soul), LANEIGE HOMME, SKIN79 Homme, Christian Gio and most notably BRTC All In One Homme.  All of which, well and truly deserve their place amongst the elite of mens BB cream.  With each having unique differentials that appeal to men all over the globe you are certain to find a BB cream for men that is perfect for you.

So gents, there you have it.  Making their way to Britain from all corners of the globe are expert and professional male BB creams:  The all in one makeup for men and skin care experience is surely soon to make their way onto the bathroom shelves of millions of men.  Be the man and rewrite your grooming CV with the help of your only makeup for men specialists, Mens Makeup UK.