From gruelling teenage acne to now being in my mid 20's, spots have always seemed to cripple my confidence. Ten years or so on from beginning to suffer with pimples, it seems as though they still have some point to prove...annoying! However, after beginning to use a men's spot concealer a few years back, the only regret I had is not solving my skin problems earlier with one.

In today's makeup blog for men, I'll be running through some of my favourite concealer’s, sorting the men from the boys, from the endless products I've tried over the years, prior to launching MMUK MAN.

It all started with combining Menaji's Camo Concealer with Lab Series' BB Tinted Moisturiser, which I found work quite well. The tanning element of the tinted moisturiser nicely matched the medium tone Camo concealer,, which was definitely a good look for me in the winter, when that washed out and dreaded pale skin comes calling. Aside from it being nice and simple to apply, it covered my spots particularly well, especially on my forehead, where they’re definitely more difficult to blend in naturally in my experience. I did however find that I had to re-apply this throughout my day, but for a night out, for example, it did actually cover up really well and my complexion would look really quite healthy.

I switched to Myego's Cover Select Concealer the following summer, as the tinted moisturiser and Menaji combo seemed to have less effect when I had a natural tan. Another reason why is that I saw the celebrity endorsements of this product, call me a sucker for good marketing, but if Hollywood's finest stars wore it, why couldn't I? After reading a little bit about liquid concealers for men too, I wanted to see if I could solve my long lasting issues with this form of product, as by now I was working long days and didn't want my skin to falter later in my day.

My first impressions were great and of the few concealers I'd tried around that time, this was by far the best. I distinctly remember trying to use Stila's Concealer Stick and Calvin Klein's Endless Light, only for them to buckle under the pressure and for MYEGO to come racing home with the win.

Having learned a lot from the Menaji Cam Concealer and MYEGO Liquid Concealer, in 2012, I began looking for partners to help me develop a formula that would take all of their qualities and combine them into one product - as men's ultimate spot saviour, if you like! After a year of research and development, MMUK MAN's Concealer Stick was born.

We were able to deliver a formula that quickly and easily conceals spots, looks really natural and comes in a great choice of colours, for amazing skin tone matching. As well as this, we needed long lasting power and skin repairing qualities to be included too, especially as so many gentlemen at this time were beginning to take a liking to BB creams, which offered similar properties.

In August of 2013 we were ready for MMUK MAN's launch and haven't looked back. Perfect for all round repair and cover up, it quickly became our number one seller and are very proud of the formula. Whilst we remained very excited about this product also, we were always keen to improve and by offering the same formula in a pot and trio form, we were able to meet every man's application and colour choice needs.

If you suffer with Spots, or looking to cover acne, any one of these three concealers will do a fantastic job in camouflaging those blighters and from here on out, the choice remains completely yours.