So gents, I was asked to review BRTC’s Blemish Recover Balm for MMUK MAN, a brand new and high grade BB cream for men, released only a few weeks ago.  I’ve used the odd bit of BB cream in the past - some designed for men specifically and some not.  Before it arrived, I was very excited to check it out.  I’d done my research and found out that this could be my savor product for the lingering spots and blemishes I had on my face, which seem to have been all too familiar for quite some years.


Upon arrival, I was really impressed.  You can feel the luxuriousness of the product in both its packaging and inner casing.  Before I even tried it, I had a good feeling that this could be the one.  The ingredients list was nice and simple and contained a few products I’d read up on, ingredients proven to work really well for the improvement of acne and rosacea conditions within men.  So, there was little surprise why I couldn’t wait to give it a try.


The short term coverage benefits were something I was not expecting at all.  Upon application, my skin looked so much brighter and smoother.  Despite visibly still being able to see my lingering spots and blemishes, the rest of my skin, including its tone and condition looked a hell of a lot healthier.


It took about four to five days of daily use before I really began to start noticing a change.  The bulging heads of spots and flaky exteriors to those long term imperfections began to ease and after seven or eight days, ninety percent of them had faded dramatically.  ‘Wow!’ is all I could say at that point as the confidence began to surge through my body as each day passed.


After fourteen days I was on cloud nine!  All that was left was the odd slightly darker imperfection.  Even these were very few and far between and throughout the key treatment cycle, I only counted two new spots forming.  Although, that was after a greasy Chinese, where my skin always tends to react after.


After three weeks of daily use, I recommended it to my brother who began using the same product and now six weeks on it’s only just getting empty.  Over the years, there are very few products that I have reviewed and then directly purchased after.  But, I can say with great happiness that this is indeed one of them.


An excellent acne and spot treatment for men and if every guy knew about it.  My god, the implications would be extraordinary.  A real winner in my book and a truly fantastic makeup product for men.