Are you a Calvin Klein Man?

Just how far would you go to achieve an unrelenting, shimmering, flawless look?  More and more every day fellas are running to makeup for men to do just that.  A touch up here and there no longer results in a dress down from your friends during guy time.  Today, we’ll be reviewing Calvin Klein’s range of mens makeup; a brand naturally in very high demand.  

The race is on fellas and it’s time for your warm up.

From concealers and foundations for men to guyliner and manscara’s.  Calvin Klein boast the products to suit every man’s makeup tastes.  If subtlety’s your game and you wish to perfect your skin with tinted moisturisers’, mens foundations and concealers then look no further than an expert range of mens makeup designed just for you.

A middle of the range makeup man would use guyliner’s, brow gel and manscara to frame his eyes.  CK certainly don’t fail when it comes to maximizing their look with both brown and black volumising, defining and lengthening ranges in all three of these products.

For the perfectionist in you!

The final group of makeup for men users Calvin Klein expertly cater for is the professional.  High quality mens eye shadows, male bronzers and blush which all captivate your skin can be used by men whom know just what to do with it giving them phenomenal, professional and world class looks.  

You needn’t be torn between which Calvin Klein man you are.  If you’re a beginner we recommend sticking to the basics of foundation and concealer for men and work your way up.  From fragrances, underwear and clothes.  Calvin Klein are now coming to a bathroom near you in the form of high quality makeup for men.


Don’t forget to read the signs!

With the use of a select few CK products you are given the tools to target areas of your skin which need improving; once you’ve read what your skins saying to you that is.

If dry and imperfect skin is hampering your ability to look fresh day after day then we recommend the use of Calvin Klein’s Tinted Moisturiser.  A specialist hydrating complex interrogates your skins dry areas whilst casting imperfections into the background; leaving you with nourished, fresh and hydrated skin.  Look out for dry areas of your skin, scaly areas and redness these are classic signs of dry skin.

Look no further that Calvin Klein’s Concealer’s!  Both CK’s Endless Light Concealer For Men and it’s perfect substitute for men wishing to cover up imperfections who have dry skin :Calvin Klein’s Creme Mens Concealer.  These are perfect tools to have in you corner as you tackle imperfections such as zits, black and white heads amongst even the harshest of imperfection.

If you’re looking for a full coverage foundation for men then Calvin Klein also offer the three most popular types of mens foundation on the market.  All three forms including; liquid, matte and creme to powder cater for any mans skin and certainly are up there with the best when it comes to their effectiveness at promoting a flourishing, nourishing flawless look.  Calvin klein’s Mens Foundation and Calvin Klein’s Mens Matte Foundation are amongst our ‘best sellers’ of 2011 list here at Mens Makeup UK and their presence are completely justified based on reviewing what our customers have to say about them.


We found love!

Let’s here what our loyal customers have to say about the products in hand.  The positive feedback with regards to Calvin Klein’s Mens Makeup has been quite outstanding and we’re delighted to enlighten you on just how other makeup for men users have found these products useful for them...enjoy!

I used Calvin Klein’s Endless Light Concealer For Men.  It’s amazing!!!.  The best mens concealer I have ever used at a great price.  It went on really easy using the wand and it lasted all day.  I could go into the office and would never have to go into the toilets for a little touch up.  It’s great, I’d definitely recommend any man to use this concealer.  A different class, thanks, mmuk and CK’ 

James - Nottinghamshire

Great Matte Foundation.  Thank god I found this mens foundation.  It rubs in like a moisturiser and covers up my spots and blackheads after i’ve used it.  It doesn’t flake or shimmer throughout my day and one application in the morning is enough to look great.  I’d recommend this to any man looking to use mens makeup’

Ashley - Brighton 

I broght the Calvin Klein mens makeup kit from  The moisturiser was awesome.  My skins condition improved dramatically and my skin didn’t go to oily as is the case for most moisturisers.  Before I went on nights out and dates i’d apply a little of the liquid foundation.  It’s so so good.  Easy to apply, fairly cheap considering the quality and I will be buying it again.  The Kit also contained a guyliner which doesn’t smudge which is great and really defines my eyes well.  The concealer is great too, although next time i’ll be buying the creme version as my t-zone often gets dry unfortunately.  All found look was great and I’d never look back after using this set for 2 months.  £45.00?  I’d pay double :)  Thanks for the tips Mens Makeup UK’

Robin - London