Handsome ManFor some while now we have regularly explored the fabulous world of men’s cosmetics and all that it has to offer.  From concealer and foundation, to some of the key market favorites, such as manscara and guyliner, more and more modern men and raising their eye brows in all the right ways to get a piece of the cosmetic cake.  However, in a relatively radical market, slowly losing its blurred lines, we sit here on the cusp of yet another seismic shift in product popularity, this time in the form of men’s CC creams.  


CC creams, since hitchhiking onto the cosmetics scene, off the back of the explosion of BB creams in 2012, have predominantly been targeted towards the opposite sex.  However, with big Korean based names such as W-Han and TonyMoly releasing much coveted, well respected and in demand colour correctors (CC), these cosmetic back ups are yet more key men in the men’s beauty battlefield, helping guys all over the UK get exactly what they want.


Avoid skin care warfare with these revolutionary creams, sometimes called complexion correctors and benefit from some of their key and radical features.  Sure to give male BB creams a run for their money, let’s take a sneak peak of what exactly they have to offer.


Boasting the ability to cover up a wide range of male skin imperfections with a soft, natural and transparent blanket of coverage, CC creams are often likened to foundation for men, without the sometimes slightly feminine stigma.  Furthermore, achieving a smoother, more refined and supple skin surface for their male contingent, there is little doubt that men are sure to flock to such an all round skin perfecter.


Capturing highly sought after men’s anti-wrinkle treatment, along with brightening elements to tackle faded and fatigued  skin, modern men of Britain are preparing to enjoy the sheer luxury of such a high performance range of men’s makeup products.  


Whilst the word pampering can be loosely used in this instance, it would not be unfair to state that CC creams for men provide your skin with an exciting daily indulgence. (Alexander Dalley, founder of MMUK MAN and Makeup Professional)


As skin care phoneticism amongst men grows effortlessly by the month, whilst in turn fueling the flames of the popularity of makeup for men, there is little surprise that standards and expectations within the market grow seemingly parallel.  Join the growing amount of cosmetically hungry gentlemen and enjoy the wonderful range of men’s CC creams available at industry leader MMUK MAN.