For the gentlemen out there looking to bag themselves a bargain, MMUK MAN have this week put together a buyers guide to find the cheap cosmetic products out there, guaranteed to impress.  Look great and keep a firm holding on the purse strings with our definitive collection of cosmetics for around a fiver.


Whether you are looking for value products like concealer for men, foundation or even guyliner, fellas, you do not necessary need to spend the earth.  Whilst more luxurious products will of course give you long lasting and natural application, lesser quality products can still get you out of a grooming hole before a special occasion or standard daily wear.


Shop through MMUK MAN’s clearance section to see our full range of sale items, but for you, we have pricked out a few of our favorites!

W7’s Tinted Moisturiser

A very good tinted moisturiser for men, this cosmetic product ads subtle colour and definition to your face, helping you revive that post holiday tanned glow.  W7’s product, despite being small, goes a hell of a long way and applying just a small pea size amount to your face will certainly enhance your appearance.  Looked tanned, toned and healthy, whilst covering up those lingering mild face imperfections that seem to take an age to disappear.


W7 Mens Concealer

Talking of things that never seem to disappear, dark circles and eye bags.  If you’re one of the unfortunate gentlemen who constantly finds himself combatting these blighters, another grooming hit from W7 will certainly stand you in good stead.  W7 and their men’s concealer is a cheaper re-take on the iconic YSL Touche Eclat and between us, it works surprisingly good.  Fend off dark circles once and for all with W7.


L’Oreal Men Explosive Mascara

Create an everlasting impression with L’Oreal and this beautiful and innovative daily mascara.  Containing a revolutionary application ball, to make mascara application for men even easier, this product literally grips on to those lashes and instantly energizes them.  If you are a guy looking for subtle manscara wear, then this product unfortunately is not for you, but for the guys out there looking to instantly captivate their audience and stand out from the crowd, L’Oreal are the way to go for sure.


The key thing to note today guys is that cheaper male cosmetic products don’t necessarily mean they will show you up in the crowd.  We carefully pick our products to make sure your cover is not blown, when it comes to a little touch up.  Change your grooming fortunes with MMUK MAN’s clearance section today!