Cleansing and Toning; rarely spoken about a decade ago but the uprise in this cleaning, protecting and refreshing duo has been quite remarkable. They were originally targeted for women who are the predominant makeup wearers.  However, products in these categories has morphed into the male market of late. with the increasing number of men wearing more and more makeup and looking for a permanent fix to build the right skin condition for themselves.  

rewrite your grooming CV with a fast acting pair of purifiers leaving you looking back on the guys who failed to digest this piece of information.  Allow us to break it up into chunks for this potentially new realm of male grooming.

Fellas who wear makeup want one thing, and that is to look the best they possibly can.  There’s not harm in that and there should be certainly no shame in wanting to do so.  With an increasing number of men taking more care of themselves it’s time to understand a core component that will become two of your bathroom wing men, namely, cleansers and toners.  

Cleansers build a great look on their own before you even consider applying makeup, if at all.  Eliminating blackheads, age spots, acne, infected pores and blemishes; they offer the solutions you need to look ream.  

You don’t have to be from Essex to understand this one gents:

How do they do this? you may ask.

Firstly, most soaps on the market are alkaline, which do exactly what they say.  Do they clean? - yes - but it’s time to look behind the marketing nonsense and understand the science behind it and acknowledge the bare necessities.

In Having a high PH value which is Alkaline, the majority of face washes out there clean effectively which we cannot hold against them.  However, after application and removal the truth unravels.  Your skins new alkaline condition causes your hydrolipidic film to become prone to bacterial infection. Unfortunately at a greater rate than before your wash due to these newly found conditions; leading to blemishes of and imperfections of all types as mentioned above.  

Gentlemen, the effects do not end there.  A little known condition called reactive seborhoea  happens before your very eyes and if you’ve washed within the previous four hours, without cleansing and toning, it’s happening to you right now.  Due to these new alkaline conditions your skin desperately tries to replace vital oils lost during your wash.  As a result, your pores become clogged with excess oils meaning that flawless fresh look you crave is slipping between your very fingers because of the stresses your skin is under.

Fortunately for you it’s not too late to hit the panic button and reverse the effects: because a good cleanser and toner will counterbalance the drawbacks of washing and leave your skin looking out of this mans world!

Slightly acidic cleansers restore your skins PH balance to the optimum PH level of 5.5, quickly reversing reactive seborhoea and bacterial growth. 

Starting to get the picture?

Because on top of the deep science talk we’ve subjected you to they do have other vital advantages.  Cleansers clean pores deeper than any other skin treatment, purifying pollutants.

They also remove dead skin cells promoting a healthier and smoother finish which lets face it: every guy is trying to achieve.  Realise your potential and redefine your ambitions with a high quality cleanser and toner duo which are also available in 2 in 1 forms leaving you with no excuses.

Cleansers fight bacterial infections under your skins surface resulting in a long lasting sharper look, which is only intensified with the use of a toner. Toners remove left over impurities and cleanser  as well as hydrating your face.

If you have naturally oily skin then we recommend an active cleanser, if you’re skin rests on the other side of the skin spectrum and is naturally dry we recommend a cream based cleanser.  For extra dry skin avoid cleansers containing alcohol.  

Finally, we’ll touch up on mens makeup, excuse the pun.

We don’t need to spell out the advantages of having a good skin condition for a man.  But when it comes to makeup application for men, we do.  A smoother complexion means you do not need to use so much of the stuff, promoting subtlety.  

Not to mention the incredible finish foundation and concealer make-up will leave you with; on top of a more hydrated and oil balanced base.  A cleanser and toner will also guard against dry skin meaning mens make up wont become exhausted and will ultimately last longer.  

The list goes on fellas.  

Put the science behind the facts behind the look and refine your manhood with high quality cleansers and toners available here

From here on out it’s up to you.  Fade away into the shadows of those brave men who tried something new or become one with a simple purchase from any good online store or the high street.  If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask the ladies.