How to Cover Up Acne, Spots and Blemishes on Men?

It’s not surprising that a large proportion of men who contact us are looking for advice and tips on how to cover up spots, acne and blemishes.  Let’s face it, unless you are a seasoned professional in the world of mens makeup you would have no idea.  It’s not masculine to ask your wives, girlfriends, mothers or sister’s on the issue in hand and some men can feel a little left in the dark on the use of makeup for men in disguising imperfections.

That’s where we come in fellas!

Today we’ve enlisted the help of Adam our Chief Makeup For Men Artist and three volunteers who suffer from each of the individual imperfections above; acne, spots and blemishes.  In a bid to provide the answers, definitions and techniques to give you perfect, blemish-free complexions, we’ll explore each problem area in depth and give you the tools to ensure you’ll never look at makeup for men in the same light.

Your new found confident, sexy, flawless look is right around the corner.  It’s now up to you.  Are you ready to become a modern day man and cast disappointing and demoralizing acne and spots into your past?

Discover below the do’s and do not’s when it comes to wearing mens concealer and makeup for men to cover up acne.

  • Choose a mens concealer whether it be Creme, liquid or a stick; 1 shade darker than your current skin tone.  As pimples and spots are raised, choosing a concealer which is too light will highlight their depth and unevenness in all the wrong ways.  A darker shade will offer more concealment and reduce spots’ appearance. 
  • The same goes for a men’s foundation; 1 shade darker really increases foundation for men’s ability to disguise acne expertly.
  • Apply foundations with a sponge thoroughly into the problem areas.  You can also rub in using your fingers in the same way you would apply a moisturiser.  TIP:  Acne can also be very painful, therefore, a tinted moisturiser can provide you with extra comfort at the same time as hiding unwanted and unattractive acne.
  • If your skin is very oily as is the case with most men suffering with acne; a matte foundation is best for you.  Matte foundation provides a barrier towards oil retention and that shiny acne look can be put on the back foot.  Furthermore, a matte foundation tends to offer a more masculine, shimmer free finish whilst covering up acne as good as it’s counterparts.
  • If you wish to test a mens foundation then we strongly recommend using a mens concealer after its’ application.  You can use such a concealer to touch up extra troublesome areas quickly and hide their red, sore appearance for hours.  

Learn below the rules when it comes to using concealer for men to cover up specific spots as opposed to acne.  Different imperfections need different tools, it’s just how it is.  Nearly all men will encounter some appearance of spots at some point in their lives.  Although not acne, they can be just as damaging to your confidence.  

Mens Makeup UK are here to give you the answers’ to ensure these don’t interrupt your style, confidence and most importantly complexion going forward, ti’s just how we work.

  • Use a creme concealer if a group of spots are close together on your skin.  A creamy camouflaging formula can work in similar ways to a mens foundation, albeit, on a smaller scale.  A creme based foundation blends well and is also perfect for various other imperfections such as redness (by adding moisturisation) and wrinkles by offering a top level ‘sponge like’ barrier to their appearance.
  • A light ‘diffusing’, ‘illuminating’ or ‘brightening’ concealer may also be on your radar.  These are specifically designed for dark spots and eliminating dark circles, typically underneath your eyes.  This form of makeup for men is rarely used for concealing mens spots, however, a high quality one such as Calvin Klein Endless Light Concealer For Men or Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat L’Homme has the ability to highlight spots whilst concealing them expertly. 
  • The third type of concealer comes in stick form.  These tend to be thicker and longer lasting.  Disguys concealer is a perfect illustration of this.  These ‘stick concealers’ can be applied to each individual spot and has the ability to hide their appearance expertly.  These are long lasting and providing you get the correct shade are easy to blend with the rest of your skin.
  • Application of these concealers for men couldn’t be easier. A creme concealer often comes on a wand or can be applied with a mens concealer brush.  A light diffusing concealer often has a ‘pump action’ or ‘twist up’ mechanism and contains it’s own application mens makeup brush to be applied directly to the problem area.   Finally, stick concealers are direct applicants which disguise directly after application.  
  • TIP:   After applying either of the before mentioned concealers for men simply dab it gently into the skin.  The pressure you apply will ensure the product is evenly spread out amongst the problem area making blending effortless.  Apply as much as you want to get the desired effect but remember to press gently.    

So there you have it gentlemen.  These are the tools you’ll need if you’re preparing for a big night out with the guys, a date with that special someone or simply wanting to look perfect, day in day out.  There’s no reason why you can’t exploit these tools given to you by Mens Makeup UK to achieve a more confident, happy, unfazed you with the use of mens concealers and general makeup for men.

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