Guys, the Christmas & New Year’s parties are inevitable! They come around year after year and here’s why you shouldn’t feel discouraged when that evite (that’s an e-mail invitation, I’ve just found out) pops into your inbox. You needn’t worry about fading into the background next to Karen from accounting and super-confident James, with all these makeup for men products available to us all. Take a step forward and show people you are more interesting than your office cubicle and use our holiday glow guide to show yourself off. We currently live in a world where using some form of cosmetic coverage is becoming the norm. If you’ve followed our previous blog posts and have read through, you’ll have noticed that point has been mentioned. So, if you’re new here reading, get that point deep into your subconscious. You’re here because you need to know about this stuff and how to apply it properly. You’d be surprised at how many of YOU chaps have sent us the same question about how and what to use. I’ve compiled a simple 5-step routine that doesn’t take a village to get you camera-ready and glowing naturally, for all these festive Christmas & New Year parties you’re invited too. Like all good techniques to applying, start small with the dosage and add more if need be.

The MMUK MAN range of luxury make-up.

I remember this product as a ‘blemish blanket’. You lay a thin veil over your skin for camouflaging any imperfections. You can level out the skin and provide a little warmth to it too. Fantastic for those winter faces where you are duller, or pastier with your complexion. No-one needs to know you’ve not had the chance to get any winter sun. Application is really easy and you can get even coverage if you use a beauty blending sponge. Just dispense a small dollop onto the sponge itself, or apply directly onto the skin to areas you wish to mask. Then with a dabbing motion, pat the formula into the skin. You’ll begin to see marks such as fine lines, blackheads, freckles and such, fade away as the high-performance solution gives the illusion of clearer skin. MMUK MAN has developed a formula that actively works behind the scenes to promote healthier skin, so it’s a fabulous choice to use anyway. It works towards long-term regeneration to your complexion using active ingredients to heal and correct the skin. You’ll left with undetectable coverage with a great base to work upon.

Under Eye Concealer (MMUK MAN)
Those dark patches under your eyes? Yeah this tackles THOSE hard to miss areas. Everyone has them and for some, the colour is often quite deeper. They provide you with what looks like a tired/fatigued looking gaze. It is important to stimulate the skin under the eyes to promote better circulation and relieve some of that depth of colour. (We’ll put together another blog post covering this entirely.) What the MMUK MAN Under Eye Concealer can do, is to help conceal your eye bags and leave you with a fresher and more alert looking complexion. The formula works great for the deepest and darkest of bags and is packed with miniscule light reflecting particles, which provide mirrors that bounce light of them. This highlights your eyes as the focal point on your face. Natural, light reflecting contouring with untraceable coverage, that masks those horrible bags that loom under your eyes. The formula is kind to the skin and provides a layer of hydration which keeps the skin plumper and bouncier. Application is simple, just take the application wand and pop a dot or two under the eyes. Using your little finger, tap the product to blend it into the skin. Within seconds you’ll notice a difference. A blending sponge will also guarantee untraceable coverage too.

Bronzing Powder (MMUK MAN)
Bronzers are those compact disk shape palettes that provide you with a natural looking glow. Essentially you use a bronzer to highlight areas in which sunlight would naturally bounce off, or to provide a mattified glow to your skin. MMUK MAN’s Bronzing Powder provides you a matte finish to give the illusion you’re always in the Mediterranean. You’d still apply each type of bronzer to the same locations. I’m talking the sides of your forehead, alongside your cheekbones, chin point and bridge of your nose. Some beauty guru’s use the shape of a ‘3’ to map the correct locations. A little dusting of this and your complexion looks sun-kissed, healthier and warmer. Another easy product to apply. Take a bronzing brush to the compact. Swipe across, knock the brush against the compact to knock off any excess powder and gently sweep it across the areas mentioned above. The micro-fine particles will lay themselves effortlessly against the skin, leaving your skin glowing naturally. MMUK MAN have developed a formula that doesn’t dry out the skin or clog up your pores. You can relax knowing that the bronzing powder works with your skin, rather than just sitting on top of. Masculine warmth and undetectable coverage.

Manscara (MMUK MAN)
Take your lashes out to the party with you lads! Enjoy the fact they are long and leave all the girls a little envious. Working with what you already have is a great start, but why not give them a little edge too? Mascara is a term we covered in the last blog post; it shouldn’t be a word to worry over. Take the product Manscara by MMUK MAN and give your lashes a total boost in both form and health. The formula created for each type (there are 3) provides you with subtle enhancement that looks natural and with an option to add a little colour too. The ‘Brown’ is a great allrounder to give them a little depth, the ‘Black’ is bolder and the ‘Clear’ can give you that no-makeup, makeup coverage. The clear option is translucent and will actively lift and sculpt your lashes together, without providing any additional depth and volume. This is a brilliant choice if you are blessed with thick and long lashes anyway. (Most guys are lucky to fit into this category.) MMUK MAN allows you to enhance on what you naturally already have. The clear solution also works to support lash health too. With botanical ingredients that bolster your lashes defences and encourage hair growth, more resilience and thickness too. Even when you sleep the clear lash formula can condition and nourish your lashes. Overtime you’ll notice real difference and so those envious ladies… To apply, simply take the wand out of the tube. With the brush facing horizontally and starting from the base of your lash, sweep the wand down the lash and away from the face. Start of quite sparingly and apply more to get the desired look.

Eyeliner for Men (MMUK MAN)
Pencil on a little adventure to you eyes to give a little extra definition. You can provide a subtle framing to your eyes that draw in any attention effortlessly. Get a gaze as striking as James Dean, or Marlin Brando (my favourite) with this versatile product. This product is a great choice if you are looking to be a little bolder with your overall look. You’ll become a real head turner at all these festive parties as you take everyone’s gaze away from them. The pencil leaves a clean line around your eyes that doesn’t smudge. With a formula that is easy to take off but doesn’t shift should your body get warm from all that dancing. You’ll find this an easy game changer to perfectly finish off your desired coverage. Sometimes there is nothing more intense than a man’s eyes (swoon!) That deep stare that can create, or stop a conversation. Be that guy. You have the option to with a little extra support from MMUK MAN. You apply the product straight onto the skin by drawing around the line of the eye for a desired look. If done quite gently, you can give your eyes a newer depth that still has a masculine approach to it.