When you’re out on the town or perhaps entertaining that lady you’ve had your eye on, the last thing you want to be worrying about is acne and spots.  In fact, put yourself in any social setting and the unsightly arrival of these unwanted blemishes can really start to break you down.  Perhaps you hate looking in the mirror?  Or are constantly checking to make sure you haven’t had an outbreak?  Allow MMUK MAN to turn those nervous confidence blocks into smiles and pride with our revolutionary range of makeup for men.

The founders of MMUK MAN are two guys who, through their youth, suffered from confidence destroying acne spots, so we certainly know how it can make you feel.  Fortunately gentlemen, through years of research and testing we have put together a series of male makeup, specifically formulated for you to make acne and spots a thing of the past.

Firstly, it’s important to realise that no amount of washing or different branded face washes, claiming to be the new best thing at removing spots, will in fact do so.  Acne and sports are not representative of your skins’ hygiene levels and if you suffer with these, it’s time to look at a solution from a completely different angle.  The best advice we can give to you on this level is to find a lightly beaded face wash and exfoliate the face no more than twice per day.  Such exfoliation will optimise the removal of oil, dirt and skin cells and give you the best possible chance of successful cover up.

In our concealer for men products you can trust to provide the best possible chance of cover-up.  Our makeup utilizes the perfect balance of cream based semi-solid cover with a powdery exterior to guarantee the most masculine and undetectable wear.

So, what is cover-up?

Cover up is a male concealer which can come in a variety of forms and is applied directly onto your acne and spots to expertly camouflage their appearance.  At MMUK MAN, we’ve developed three different concealers which, with their bold and masculine packaging, won’t have you desperate to run for cover to retain your alpha male status.

Can people tell you’re wearing concealer to cover up spots?

We can confidently say not at all.  The expert blending power of MMUK MAN’s concealers mean a professional and undetectable wear is guaranteed, whether you’re a men’s makeup pro or a concealer newcomer.  Not only does our concealer cover-up spots and acne well, it also takes on the overall tone of your skin to go virtually unnoticed.

What tone of concealer should I buy to cover up acne? 

To perfectly even out and blend into your skin tone it is best to choose a shade which is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.  As imperfections are often darker than your natural skin tone, by choosing a shade lighter you achieve an optimal balance for a completely disguised imperfection and a continual complexion. 

Tip From the Male Makeup Expert:  When dealing with acne and spots it is crucial not to deal with below standard products.  Although being cheaper, the ingredients used in such products are often thought of as ‘sub par’ and as a result can actually result in a worsening of the condition.  MMUK MAN offer luxury branded cosmetics with anything but sub standard ingredients.  Don’t commit the cardinal sin and take half measures when it comes to covering up acne and spots.

How to Apply Acne Cover Up For Men 

Covering acne spots is a lot easier than a lot of gentlemen think and the great thing fellas is that it only gets easier and easier, the more you get used to it.  Meaning, within a month or so, you’ll be a seasoned pro and be able to target and camouflage those troublesome areas within minutes.  To help you on your way, we’ve listed below our recommended products to cover up spots, but first, read below how to apply cover-up for men in just a few simple steps.

Step 1

Wash, exfoliate and moisturise your skin prior to the application of concealer for men.  This will work wonders in removing excess oil and dead skin cells.  Although this will not tackle acne directly, what it will do is give you the best possible canvas in which to apply men’s cover-up.

Step 2

Get the right tools to work with from the beginning.  We strongly recommend using a makeup for men sponge or application brush to cover-up acne spots incredibly well.  The danger with using your fingertips for this form of application is that oils and dirt from your fingers can often transfer to the face and inflame your condition.  With a good sponge or men’s makeup blending brush, you’re well on your way to success.  

Step 3

Using your preferred application tool, target a specific small area or imperfection on your face, adopting a dabbing technique.  Once you’ve applied an appropriate amount, adopt a circular motion and spread the product around the entirety of the specific imperfection or area you have chosen.

Tip From The Makeup For Men Expert:  You may wish to apply more product depending on the severity and definition of the acne spot you are targeting.  Again, the trick is to test what works for you and within a few applications, you’ll learn exactly how much to apply to certain imperfections.

Step 4

Finally, blend the remainder of the product into the skin surrounding the imperfection(s).  This technique, providing you choose a suitable shade, will support in the incredibly natural cover up of spots and propel your alpha males status to never before seen heights.

The Products For You

MMUK MAN showcase three different male concealers.  The first is a revolutionary formula contained within an application stick, which can be applied directly onto your acne spots for immediate cover up.  The second, contains the same revolutionary formula, except this time in a men’s concealer pot which, with the assistance of a makeup for men sponge or blending brush, can support the entirety of the above cover-up program for unbelievable results.  

Last but by no means least is our number one selling cover up for men.  Our Concealer Trio For Men contains a revolutionary semi-solid formula and is separated into three individual shades in the same pot.  The biggest feature made available by such a makeup for men product and perfect for covering-up acne, is that the three shades on offer individually tackle light blemishes, medium spots and darker severe acne.

Tip From The Men’s Makeup Expert:  Use the lighter shade of three to tackle darker defined acne spots.  The medium colour for those problematic individual spots and the darker shade (which should closest resemble your own skin) for those light imperfections.  All of which combine to promote an incredible fresh and confidence building complexion.

That’s enough from us for now fellas. Should you need further advice, please do not hesitate to contact our makeup for men experts at: info@mensmake-up.co.uk to get the lowdown on everything to do with acne cover up for men and much much more.