It is a simple certainty that we all have to come to terms with gents, aging!  Defined wrinkles on the forehead, fine lines exiting the outer eye area in the form of a crows foot and general facial drooping, to name just a few features associated with this inevitable consequence of living the good life.  However, thanks to MMUK MAN, you no longer have to pay the penalty for having such a good time during your 20s and 30s.  In today’s makeup for men blog, we will show you how you can tackle such fine lines and wrinkles with just a clutch of specialist products, which do not have to cost the earth.  And yes, you’ve guessed it, keep your masculine and domineering status well and truly in tact.


The golden words here fellas are COVER UP.  By implementing two or three specialist products alongside your typical grooming routine, you can achieve dramatic improvements.  There is plenty of advice out there on good anti-wrinkle skin care regimes, however, today we will focus on the finishing touches to banish confidence crippling crevices, allowing you to quite literally roll back the years.


The first step comes in the form of a men’s skin primer.  Typically applied after a moisturiser for men, a primer (sometimes called a makeup for men base) evens your skin and provides a protective barrier between skin care and male makeup.  Primer’s for men always come in a clear formula, allowing them to always remain undetectable, and the best way these can be described as is an undercoat to your overall new and youthful look.  Simply apply this product in the same way you would a male moisturiser for great results, allowing you to effortlessly move on to step two and ultimately reach your grooming goals.

 Mens With Fine Lines

Next up, foundation for men.  There is no need to run a mile when discussing the possibility of using a foundation for men.  Acting as your first layer of cover up, a mens foundation, will work its way through your fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin an even coating of cover up and effectively filling in your facial fine lines.  As there is an approximate 70:30 split between the presence of fine lines and full blown wrinkles on your face, a male foundation will do a great job on its own at tackling and covering up the larger proportion of this type of aging characteristic.  


Choosing a foundation colour for you can sometimes seem like a tricky task.  However, with MMUK MAN’s helpful colour palette and expert team of mens makeup artists just an e-mail away, a lot of new clients prefer to send in a photograph, for an expert free colour match service, held by one of our industry professionals.  Application, could not be more simple.  Using either your fingertips or a mens foundation brush, simply apply the product evenly over your skin, making sure you reach each and every one of your facial crevices for an even and natural look.


Finally gentlemen, when you are standing in the mirror, finding it difficult to spot your previously unsightly fine lines, you are inevitably going to want more.  The chances of your wrinkles (which tend to be more defined) being visible are still quite high.  This is where your master of all products comes in - a CONCEALER FOR MEN.  A mens concealer tends to be a thicker formula than a foundation and can be directly applied using (again) your fingertip or blending brush directly onto your stubborn wrinkles.  The thicker agent does a great job at camouflaging deeper and more defined wrinkles, as well as leaves a smooth and subtle outer surface, allowing your overall makeup for men wear to remain undetectable to the naked eye.


The sheer blending power of the second and third product in this male makeup routine make it easy, effortless and enjoyable to bridge the gap between a great look and extremely natural cover up.  Whilst, you can spend hundreds on products, which claim to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, we firmly believe that the best way to achieve your desired look, is to accept the fact of aging and learn how covering its features up can be far more constructive to achieving a more youthful complexion.