If you’re the type of guy who likes to flaunt and you act so nonchalant when it comes to the mens makeup stakes.  Then it’s time for us to introduce you to your new wingman.  A wingman you can lean upon, rely on and who will never let you down... namely ‘Disguys’.  

A mens concealer which blends and tackles every imaginable imperfection.  Spots?...Blackheads?......scars?  They’re all a thing of your past with one quick and easy application first thing in the morning.

If you’re splashing out every month on designer clothes, nights out, haircuts, shoes and every other imaginable form of man treat to help you look your best.  Then Disguys’ concealer for men is another necessity.  A mans best kept secret and a must have in your wash bag.  For a price of £9 you can bring your skin up to a high standard ensuring you don’t remain hidden behind the scenes.

When it comes to application, within a couple of weeks it’ll be automatic.  Don’t stay static in your male grooming regime and transform your skin and yourself as a man, into a sexier, sleeker and smooth skinned ladies man.  

A high quality mens makeup concealer!  Choose your skin tone with our man palette and get involved with one of the hottest male grooming products on the market.  

The ugly truth is gents, that more and more women are taking more note of how men look and how they take care of themselves.  After all, if you can’t look after yourself then what must they think?  Regardless of whether such opinions are right or wrong; men’s makeup is your secret ingredient, your one stop shop and your secret weapon ensuring you remain on course to remarkable success in all walks of life.

Use the applicator to directly apply a finger tips worth of product directly your imperfection.  Use another finger and draw away from the centre of the imperfection.

‘Think of a clock face, run your finger from the centre to each hour maintaining the same direction’ says Jamie our very own mmuk man makeup artist.  

This will blend the concealer in perfectly ensuring the troublesome area is covered up with mens makeup and at the same time maintaining a rugged, masculine finish.  Because, let’s face it gentlemen, subtlety is what we all wish to achieve.

If you’ve got a healthy fascination with a multitude of mens makeup relations then our Disguys mens concealer will serve your needs in all the right ways.  High quality, subtle, affordable and masculine guaranteeing short and long term perfection.

Disguys mens concealer....Not just a player, it’s a pro!