We’ve seen the growth of several male orientated cosmetic enhancements arrive on the scene over the past decade or so:  More and more everyday fellas are going under the knife in their relentless pursuit of beauty.  

Hair transplants (most notably in the case of Wayne Rooney), ‘man breast’ reduction and even penis enlargement surgery is not uncommon in a society where more and more men are paying drastic attention to their appearance in order to catch up with the opposite sex.

We’re here to tell you; that none of these options are easy, pain free or cheap.  However, we can offer one solution to enhance your look, if needed, and that is in the form of makeup for men.  

A staggering 47% of men claim to be unhappy about the appearance of their facial hair.  ‘weak and unmanly’ Jonathan from London says; and he is not alone.  Mens concerns over this area of your face has certainly not gone unnoticed from the team here at Mens Makeup UK.

A clear defined beard can provide a range of benefits including adding depth to your face, enhancing your masculinity and giving your face that ‘action hero’ ‘grrrr’ kind of look.  

Now! We’re here to tell you guys that every man wishing to acquire such a look needn't fade into the background and accept the fact that there’s nothing you can do.  Because a very specific kind of Makeup for men is now available on the market, which once applied enhances your facial hair: casting you into a whole new realm of machismo.  

All you need is the tools of the trade of one of the professionals best kept secrets, 2-3 minutes of your time each day and this article which will proceed to explain to you just exactly how to apply this kind of makeup for men quickly and effectively: instantly transforming your face giving you that rough, ready and rugged look.  

You can buy this form of mens makeup here at Mens Makeup UK.  All you need is good quality brown or black water makeup for men, an appropriate brush and the tricks of the trade...

Starting to get to grips? ...  Allow us to elaborate.

Once you’ve got your water makeup and brush.  Press the brush in a little bit of water and apply a small amount of water makeup to the very end.  Gently dab the product onto your face using the brush.  Remember not to swipe or apply using a ‘colouring in’ motion. Simply press the brush at a 70 to 90 degree angle onto your skin and apply evenly.  After a minute or two you’ll notice the water based mens makeup start to thicken your facial hair and make this area of your face immediately more defined and masculine.  

Remember it’s crucial to have a slight amount of stubble in order for this version of mens makeup application to work.  Also, be stringent upon application.  Let the makeup do all the work and make yourself fit for a masculine enriched L’Oreal advert or poster.

Grimas produce superb mens makeup for this type of trick; mens makeup artists across the world have been using for years.  You need not be a movie star to enjoy the benefits of quick and easy facial hair enhancements; giving you that 007 look.  

Send the ladies to heaven and get involved with another makeup for men product which, like others, will change the way you operate as a modern day man.  Take one step closer to achieving ultimate sex appeal and ensure you’re in the best position to alleviate yourself onto an even greater plane of manhood and appreciate just what facial hair enhancements can do for you.  

Are you ready for the challenge?  A perfectly subtle makeup for men technique which will cast you into the foreground of attraction.  Remember gents, do yourself right in the grooming stakes and reap the benefits of defined, dark, model like facial hair.