The festival season is well and truly in swing.  With big name acts performing at some of the biggest UK festivals this summer, it’s not just your usual festival gear that gentlemen around the country are dusting off prior to the big event.

Instead, festival makeup for men products are being tucked away prior to the big event by Britain’s would be Rockers, Indies’ and Heavy Metal phonetics, in order to look good all weekend long.

Here at Makeup For Men UK, we’ve decided to give you a little helping hand when it comes to the big event with your friends.  We understand that the washing facilities may not quite be to the same standards as Caesars Palace, however, what we can guarantee is your face will look ready for action by following the below advice.  

1. Cleanse, Tone and Rock

If you’re looking for a quick fix and the washing facilities don’t quite match your expectations, take a good quality cleansing and toning set with you and some cotton pads.  A good quality mens cleanser and toner will tackle impurities, break down dirt and re-firm your skin.  Cleansers and Toners are also excellent at rehydrating your skin, perfect during long days of drinking and partying.  Rebalance the power and take control with expert male cosmetics and build the perfect foundations to a weekend of healthier and refreshed skin.

Recommended Product:  Clarins Mens Cleanser and Toner Set

  1. B.B Be The Man

Ideally, you’re looking for a product which will naturally draw away dirt, toxins and unwanted oils from your face throughout the day.  We understand that your normal washing routine will go entirely out of the window, however, this is not to say there aren’t products out there which will fight against the five signs of fatigue and manage your skin in the background whilst you get on with those traditional festival debaucheries. For this, we recommend a skin primer or a BB cream for men.  Both will expertly purify and cleanse your skin throughout the weekend as well as control oil levels in your face; promoting an endlessly fresher, nourished and healthier complexion.  Blow the competition out of the water with an expert BB cream for men which will ensure you don’t wake up regretting the previous days antics as well as cover up general day to day imperfections on the surface of your skin, inspiring confidence.

Recommended Product:  Christian Gio Designer Mens BB Cream.

  1. Rock of Ages

Whether you’re a younger gentlemen or a maturer man, you are certain to find what you’re looking for in the eye makeup for men department.  Open your eyes to the world of manscara, guyliner and mens brow gel to achieve maximum impact during festival weekends.  Many guys choose to keep in with the spirit of the occasion with these makeup for men products and frame their eyes to platforms of bewildering, sexy and dominating success.  Redefine your eyes and set the challenge to go one better with a look which screams rock.

Recommended Products: Calvin Klein Black Manscara, Calvin Klein Liquid Guyliner & Calvin Klein Mens Brow Gel

  1. Concealers For Men:  One Stop to Perfection.

The versatile tool men simply love to have at their disposal is a male concealer.  Disguise, correct and perfect within minutes, any unwanted facial imperfection with the help of one of these makeup for men masterclasses.  Quick, simple to apply and easy to store, a good quality concealer for men will banish spots, blackheads, moles and much much more with one easy application; quashing any lingering nerves about the freshness and purity of your complexion.  Be the man and set the standards amongst your friends with a male concealer during festival season.  

Recommended Product:  STILA Expert Mens Concealer Stick

  1. The Encore 

Now it’s time for the finishing touches;  a good quality concealer and mens BB cream will cover specific minor to moderate imperfections expertly.  Come of the hour, come of man with a luxury tinted moisturiser for men; offering you a completely flawless, masculine and spot-free finish day and night.  Entrust in a high quality mens tinted moisturiser to combat skin fatigue with moisturising elements and cover up new and existing problems with one quick and simple application.

Recommended Product: STILA Expert Tinted Moisturiser For Men 

So, makeup for men lovers.  Don’t allow your festival season to be a complete wash out.  Get your hands on one of Mens Makeup UK’s uniquely designed festival grooming kits and have complete confidence in yourself as a modern day man with what you have hidden back at camp.