With the sun blaring down, I know the last thing I want to be doing is stuck indoors applying makeup product after product - I’d rather be outside by the pool. With the sticky conditions too and my skin having a natural tendency to look shiny, to be quite honest, applying what feels like a tonne of makeup to my face isn’t really that appealing. That’s why I’ve decided to strip back my entire cosmetic routine over these warm summer months and have developed a quick and easy five minute male makeup routine that any man can follow.

By using five products in quick succession, I’m able to achieve a healthy and confidence inspiring complexion - that looks oh so radiant. With the need for my makeup to look absolutely natural being most paramount, I’ve decided to take it back to basics and develop a short but very sweet regiment.

When the Base Drops

As with any routine, I like to begin it with the use of a high quality makeup base/primer. I tend to use MMUK MAN’s Camera Ready Skin Primer, which gets my skin glowing in a matter of seconds, as it sinks in to thoroughly hydrate it. I love this primer simply because it gives my skin an almost post-facial texture and evenness pretty much straight away and it doesn’t in the slightest, feel sticky or heavy, like other primer’s I’ve used in the past.

Next, in order to even out my skin and instantly perfect it, I like to deploy the use of a BB cream at this time of year. I prefer MMUK MAN’s BB Cream over a foundation, simply because it’s quicker and easier to apply and the coverage is just as good. If I’m heading out or down the beach, I don’t want to be worrying about a heavy full face of coverage, nor do I want to have to waste valuable time applying products with brushes/sponges. The real beauty with this BB cream is not only does it look subtle and instantly enhancing - it can be applied with the finger tips after being dotted around your face. My absolute favourite traceless makeup for men product for sure!

By now, your face will be looking gleaming and healthy and you should only be a couple of minutes in - unless something has gone seriously wrong!

Be Clear With Brows and Eyes

Now, I’m ready to switch my attention to my brows and eyes and the two products that I use to give them style and attraction are MMUK MAN’s Brow Gel and Mascara - both in the colour Clear. I prefer them in clear, simply because when I sweat, there’s no risk of the product streaming down my face and looking a complete shambles. I’ve worn black mascara in the past in this heat and I find because of the increased humidity, it tends to look sticky and disjointed, whereas the clear versions in both have that firmly on lock down. Clear looks way more natural too and gives subtle definition and enhancement - again perfect for the subtle Simon’s out there.

Don’t Forget the Cool Down

Without trying to make this simple routine sound like a workout - there are so many nice ways too cool down during these incredible temperatures. However, diving head first into the pool or rinsing your boat race in cold water isn’t going to get you too many male grooming brownie points. Instead, to maintain perfection, I like to use MMUK MAN’s Setting Spray, which not only delivers a cooling sensation to my skin with its refreshing mineral mist, but also helps lock in my products all day and all night - incredible if I’ve got a big day session planned or are out at a festival.

So there you have it. In the time int’s taken to read and review this men’s makeup blog, you can achieve an incredible complexion, truly fit for cosmetic champions. Look fresh and selfie ready all day long with just.a few short minutes in front of the mirror.