Having a holiday away from home, work and the daily struggles of commuting is brilliant. You can relax, put your feet up and enjoy the bare minimum. And that should be the same too, for your coverage. Why give yourself the same standard routine, which doesn’t allow you to enjoy your sandy and sunny, ocean filled holiday, because you’ve got a full face on and you aren’t letting your skin breathe. Take it back to a minimal state and still enjoy the coverage, but with a simple application to help you look your best, whilst you’re swanning around a tropical destination. You are on holiday and it’s ok that you are!! These 5 products below will help give you a little cover-up but neaten your appearance overall and are easy to transport to your exotic destination.

MMUK MAN Skin Primer

Start with this translucent and marvellous Skin Primer. It works instantaneously and provides a natural barrier across the skin. This protection helps negate moisture loss from the skin and helps to regulate and maintain natural water levels too. It can be used with or without further makeup and smooth the skins surface at the same time. This base sets up for the rest of any makeup coverage to help blend and set your makeup flawlessly. This nourishing complex hydrates your skin throughout the day and any further coverage is comfortable. It has a silky and matte finish to negate shine on the skin and safeguards environmental pollutants, and aggressors from the skins surface.

MMUK MAN Under Eye Concealer

Concealers are a great product to use for their quality ability to hide any unwanted skin abnormalities. The Under Eye Concealer by MMUK MAN is blended with a patented formula, that is lightweight, versatile and provides long-term skin health benefits. The applicator wand is easy to use and with a no fuss consistency that blends into the skin to leave untraceable, yet powerful coverup. If your eye area is looking fatigued and you have dark prominent bags under your eyes, this tool will evenly blend into the skin. The solution is packed with hydrating properties to help nourish the skin underneath. It also reflects light to give you the illusion of a brighter eye contour area. Natural regeneration is a long-term benefit from using this brilliant and award-winning concealer. Because of its untraceable and natural finish, you can cover up any blemishes without the need of a full face of product. This gives you a natural appearance and it’s easy, allows you more time to enjoy your day. Just swipe the wand under the eye and dab into the skin with your finger or makeup sponge for instant coverage against skin imperfections.

MMUK MAN Anti-Shine Powder

A high definition skin mattifier that leaves the skin shine-free. It is a translucent Anti-Shine Powder that can be used entirely on its own, or part of a full facial coverage routine. The powder is ultra-fine and leaves your skin prepped and ready for the day. Allowing your skin to naturally breathe, this amazing patented technology provides day long protection against excess oil production in the skin. The powder helps to absorb any oils traced on the skin and leave your complexion mattified and sleek. This powder works on top of makeup but can be used on bare skin that is prone to excess sebum. It leaves a masculine finish and counters any shine, present or future on the surface. This powder would work well for those jet setting to warmer lands with its guarantee of negating greasy and oil skin. The formula neutralises your skins tone and works for every colour on the spectrum, making it predominantly one of the most versatile powders out there. Easily applied with the use of a mineral buffer brush to provide you an even application every time. Anti-Shine Powder provides a natural and easy to use application, perfect for your normal routine, or any form of travelling.

MMUK MAN Brow Styling Gel

This little wand provides you the ability to neater any unruly brow hairs. Its compact design is perfect for travel and any holiday destinations. For those after an exclusive natural coverage that is simple, this Men's Brow Gel is the perfect choice to use. The wand applicator is quick to use and a couple of swipes across the brows and you are set. The gel provides a small boost to volume, whilst the solution helps steer your brows in the right direction. It’s a simple applicator to give you enhanced features. The formula will provide a thickening, lengthening and conditioning to the hair. There are 3 colours, one of which is tinted to just style the brow without adding any further depth. But the 2 shades are a great option for those who have thinning of the brow hair. The wand works by only transferring the correct amount of gel to the brows, so you needn’t worry of over styling your brows.

MMUK MAN Lash Primer

This Lash Primer is another brilliant tool to give you an untraceable natural boost. Unlike other lash wand products this clear solution will not darken your eye area, but only enhance it visually. Creating striking and more intriguing eyes for those who gaze upon you. The gel is translucent to provide the ability to bring your lashes together without the darkness that comes with a normal mascara. Use this to enhance, lengthen and shape your lashes to provide a seducing stare. The solution is packed with a patented technology that supports the health of your lashes. It negates the breakages of lashes and the fatigue of the hair. The gel primer conditions and preserves your hair, keeping it nourished throughout the entire day of wear. The wand applicator tool is the same style as a mascara brush for ease of styling. Simple swipe through your lashes from the base to the tip in one sweep. Allow the solution to dry before applying a second coat if preferred. The product can also be used before bed to nourish your lashes whilst you sleep. Overtime the condition of your lashes will be improved and naturally more volumized. This perfect travel size option is a great finisher to give yourself a holiday look that is untraceably natural and minimal. Leaving you time to enjoy your time away!