This week, we celebrated the launch of our brand new Men’s Foundation Applicator. Our men’s makeup accessory category is one which is growing very fast and this latest addition is sure to be one of our clients’ stand out favourites. Unlike a regular men’s foundation brush, this new applicator features a soft sponge like tip with a flat surface, allowing for the precise application of your chosen liquid, cream or mousse foundation.

Here are 5 reasons why you’ll have success in the bathroom after adding our newest cosmetic accessory to your collection.

A Natural Look

Every guy wants his makeup to look natural. That hasn’t changed in the ten years we have been in business and in today’s world, it’s more critical than ever. This foundation applicator ensures you apply the correct amount of product to your face in the right amounts, helping your brand new look to appear completely subtle. For gentlemen new to makeup, this tool is an absolute must.

Completely Even Coverage

Sometimes when you apply foundation with your fingertips, it’s hard to get completely even coverage. If you’re not well-rehearsed in applying it, you may find it sinks in too quickly, before you’ve had enough time to correctly apply it to each part of your face. You’ll most likely end up adding more to the uncovered area, which is where an uneven appearance comes into play. With this tool, you are given the time to apply the foundation and you can also apply it in smaller amounts to each section to make it look all the more even, enhanced and natural.

Leaves No Stone Unturned

With the extra application time this tool gives, you’re also able to ensure all parts of your face are correctly covered. Sometimes, crevices around the nose are neglected, whilst some men struggle to correctly blend foundation into facial hair or the hair line. This tool ensures you have the freedom to get job done correctly and as you familiarise yourself with it, application time will reduce rapidly.

Minimises Product Waste

This one may sound basic, but you’d be surprised by the amount of product waste men go through, especially in the early stages of getting to grips with makeup for men products like foundation. By using this application tool, you are seriously going to reduce the amount of actual product you need to get the desired effect - saving a pretty penny as the weeks and months roll on!.

Helps Smooth Over Blemishes

Finally, using this tool will help you smooth over blemishes nice and easily. Once you’ve applied an even layer of foundation to your face, you may think that a little more is required in improve coverage over certain areas. You can therefore use the flattened tip of this applicator to apply more where desired and help cover more prominent blemishes in the process.