Just over eighteen months ago, MMUK MAN released our brand new BB cream for men, with a whole host of anticipation from within the men’s makeup community. Since its release, the popularity of the product has risen so much that it is now our bestselling men’s BB cream and this January, we have re-released this product, with an additional two extra shades to choose from. As well as the original light, medium and dark options, MMUK MAN have now made this product available in Fair, for all pale complexions and Light/Medium, for guys who are normally N5 on our colour palette. As with all of MMUK MAN’s makeup for men products, if you are not entirely sure of what shade is best for you, please get in touch with a recent photo, or one of the back of your hand and we’ll get back to you within four hours, advising of the best match.

In today’s blog, we’re delighted to introduce you to the recently re-designed men’s BB cream that over 10,000 gentlemen worldwide have made a key part of their cosmetic routines. By highlighting five core benefits of wearing this power cream, you will soon see that slipping this little soldier into your very own regiment will prove to be a triumphant success. So, let’s go!

It Covers Blemishes

First and foremost, this BB cream hides the appearance of most light to medium imperfections, including the likes of spots, blackheads, acne scaring and fine lines. The terms BB actually stands for Blemish Balm and it’s with this formulation that most blemishes are naturally covered up, whilst the products superior healing qualities work tirelessly to remove them from your complexion altogether. If you’re a guy who regularly has to fight breakouts, or is fed up of the appearance of soul-destroying spots, then MMUK MAN’s BB Cream is definitely a men’s cosmetic product to consider.

It Gives You A Nice Skin Tone

Aside from covering blemishes, this complexion cream also unifies your skin tone and makes your entire face look even and smooth. If you’re happy with your skin tone, but just want to enhance its conformity, then it’s best to choose the shade that most closely matches your skin colour. However, with this BB Cream, you also have the option to choose one or two shades darker, if you want to give your face a natural sun kissed appearance. Offering versatility with both benefits, the cream itself acts as a BB Cream and Tinted Moisturiser all-in-one.

It Hydrates and Protects

One of the most important features in any men’s face cream or makeup product is its ability to hydrate and protect the skin, with it, boosting comfort and smoothness. MMUK MAN’s BB Cream is enriched with natural moisturisers to fully hydrate even the most thirsty skin, without leaving it looking shiny and swamped. Enjoy all day long hydration with one quick morning application of this men’s BB cream, suitable for all skin types and ages.

It Looks Natural

Unlike some male cosmetic products, one of the biggest features of this BB cream is that it can be worn undetectable all day long. With its subtle approach, naturally enhancing your complexion, you no longer have to live in fear of your cover being blown. With a quick and easy application into facial hair and your hair line, you are really able to elevate your entire complexion in the most discreet of ways. With each colour tone built to colour match that skin shade range, you can relax with confidence, knowing you won’t be pulled up for all the wrong reasons, whether in front of the camera, in the office, or on a night out.

It Prevents Skin Discoloration

One of the key signs of ageing is the dulling and darkening of the face, which we are delighted to say is addressed with this BB cream for men’s formula. Its advanced ingredients promote a healthier, brighter and more radiant complexion and for gentlemen over 40, in need of a little cosmetic lift off, it will prove to be a solid investment. With each tube lasting approximately 12 weeks, with daily use, the value of such a product remains reflective of the great value present across the entire MMUK MAN range.