Foundation for men...from the ordinary makeup for men onlooker, it can seem like a real cosmetic minefield.  Cream, liquid, oil-free, matte and powder...sometimes it can just get that little too much.  However, gentlemen, we’re here to tell you that it can be as easy as you want it to be.  Foundation for men put simply is a new kind of male cosmetic product which lightly covers mens faces and eliminates uneven skin tone and mild imperfections.  A healthy glow, polished look and an even complexion are the three looks achieved with the use of a luxury men’s foundation.

From choosing the best foundation for you, picking your men’s foundation tone, right through to applying it for yourself:  Allow Makeup For Men to strategically guide you through the male cosmetic undergrowth and allow you to reveal a new, shining example of the man you were born to be.

Choosing a brand!  Now, there are many male makeup foundation brands out there fellas.  Of course it’s only natural that we would recommend our very own MMUK MAN brand to you, for a complete makeup experience, that’s just business.  However, let’s turn the focus of business to your complexion for a second.  Calvin Klein also offers a varied selection of foundations to suit all men’s skin types.  Along with MMUK MAN, the benefits and characteristics that a world renowned brand such as Calvin Klein offers, makes it a no brainer that more and more men are going online, in the pursuit of their perfect complexion.

If you’re looking for an expert cover up, a thicker male makeup product such as a concealer stick for men, may just be for you.  What a men’s foundation offers is a little different.  Although offering relief to mild imperfections, the real proof is in providing you with a naturally cleaner and more even skin surface.

Choosing your tone - Choosing a tone can seem like a real worry.  The truth is, it needn’t be gents.  Try to match your skin with an available shade of foundation for the most natural finish.  Good quality male foundation does give you a little room for maneuver, but be sure to select a colour most resembling your own skin’s current tone.

Remember, your colour choice of foundation may differ between winter and summer as you are subject to different levels of sun exposure and ultimately tanning.  Providing you get a good match to begin with, it will be plain sailing from here on out when it comes to achieving a great look.  Failing to get the correct shade of foundation for men can often raise eyebrows in all the wrong ways, especially as a miss match will be more evident, particularly along the jawline and into the hair.  Avoid this ‘tide mark’ look and maintain ultimate masculinity with the use of our Makeup For Men’s helpful colour palette available on our product pages.

When it comes to applying foundation for men, there are a few golden rules you can take on board, thanks to the male makeup experts we have here at MMUK Man.

Firstly, a good work man never has to blame his tools.  You can apply foundation for men with your fingertips or a makeup for men application sponge.  These allow for expert and subtle blending and will certainly prevent the appearance of a ‘tide mark’ providing you obtain a good match.

Secondly, build the basics.  Ideally apply after the application of a men’s moisturiser and or a men’s makeup base.  By doing so, you are really allowing your foundation for men to do the job it was designed to do by giving it every possible opportunity to impress.  Cleanse and tone if you wish and ideally apply onto shaven skin.

If you haven’t shaven and wish to showcase a little bit of stubble, be sure to work the foundation against the grain of your hair with your fingertips or makeup for men application sponge. 

Thirdly, upon application, be sure to focus on those hard to reach areas.  Concentrate around the nose and eyes and be sure to reach every area possible for one complete, finalised and fresh complexion.

Get noticed in all the right ways by applying your foundation for men in natural daylight or by a window. Similarly to applying bronzer for men, professional application can be achieved at home by guarding against the unwanted look of unnatural application.  Apply a small amount evenly around the face before blending in using the before mentioned tools of the trade.

Finally, enough is enough.  You do not need to apply heaps to get the desired look you’re after.  Women tend to apply thicker amounts as that’s the look they strive to achieve.  Gentlemen, don’t.  Keep it simple and apply small amounts at a time to gain an ultimate complexion without putting your alpha male status on the line.