You work hard all week long for a little bit of respite on a Friday or a Saturday night. Whether it's a mate’s birthday, a date or just a big night out with the guys, you inevitably want to end up looking your best. Here at MMUK MAN, we're contacted by a lot of men desperate to upgrade their complexion before a big night and in today's men's beauty blog, we'll be showing you how you can get rid of spots and clear up your act in just a few simple steps, so you can carry on with the pre drinking with complete peace of mind.

It all starts with a good Moisturiser for men. Some gents overlook this very crucial step in any men's makeup routine, but a moisturiser, of the shelf even, will do a far better job and build the correct base to your look than simply nothing at all. Thoroughly rub your chosen weapon in for about thirty seconds, before letting it sink in for about a minute.

Depending entirely on the intensity and definition of your spots, you then must quickly move on to the application of a good quality liquid foundation for men. MMUK MAN's Liquid Face Makeup is a very good option with its gentle camouflaging ability making it a real winner for our existing clients. Again, using your fingertips, rub the product in all over, paying special attention to facial crevices, for example, around the nose and chin. Once it's nice and even, you'll see the majority of your spots and imperfections blanketed away.

Next, it's time to lock in on those inevitable more defined spots, something which foundation cannot totally cover up. For this boys, it's time to implement an appropriate Concealer for men, matching the colour of your foundation of course. A simple dab and blend in with your finger tip or blending brush will immediately relieve the definition of your spots and in most cases remove their appearance completely, all night long.

The beauty with men's makeup is that all products have been chosen and designed to look completely natural. One common hang up with guys is that they're worried their makeup might show after they've applied it, something particularly worrying before meeting up with the guys or going on a date. Fortunately, with MMUK MAN, you can apply in piece and this three step cover up process will prove to be your ultimate savior for relieving your skin of troublesome spots, prior to your evening's entrainment. Should you have any other queries with regards to covering spots please feel free to get in touch and we will do all we can to get your skin back on track.