Hi...I'm a 43-year-old male and I'm looking for "makeup" or cover up for eye wrinkles. My skin is pretty good but under eyes is baggy and very old looking. Maybe from too much beer and ciggys back in the day. So, as I realise there is nothing to stop this process, I am looking for something to "hide" this every now and then when I want to go out and pretend, I’m younger. So, with what I'm describing, is there someone you can recommend? Again, I may only use this make up under my eyes once a week and it must not be obvious. What product do you recommend?

Good morning Peter, It's great to hear from you. I'm also very confident that we can help you with your male cosmetic needs.

The first is our under eye Firm Under Eye Serum, which should be applied every day to help firm and brighten the under eye area. This is a clear gel that will help the natural appearance of your under eye bags and help keep their appearance to a minimum. It also has great smoothing properties so it will effectively help iron out any wrinkles. This product is very easy to apply and you should place a small amount on your finger tip, before managing into the eye area. Men's eye serum's are particularly good at improving skin elasticity on an area of your face that is most susceptible to darkness and fatigue.

Next, for when you want some immediate cover up, I'd highly recommend our Age Defence Under Eye Concealer. This is a liquid based concealer that can be dabbed under and around the outer eye, to help instantly vanish the appearance of dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles that often recede to the hairline. Simply dab the concealer on this area and blend in using a Blending Brush. The most important thing about this product is that it looks very natural and undetectable when worn, which is a crucial requirement in the world of men's makeup. This formula also includes collagen, which is a crucial component in the age fighting process. With regular use this will double up with the firming serum to give you a double hit in helping your skin look more youthful.

Both this product and the Firm serum have video tutorials on their pages, which shows you how to best apply them for great and subtle results. If you're new to makeup for men, don't be daunted by it and if you have any further questions I'm always here. Some guys also require some assistance with picking the right shade of concealer for their skin, so if you need support, you can always e-mail in a recent photograph of yourself for an expert colour match.