To celebrate the launch of The Men Pen at Makeup For Men UK, we thought we'd collate a series of testimonials from our current men’s cosmetic clients, who have used this concealer for men in the past, to help us discover exactly how good this already very popular product is.  The Men Pen claim to cover up ten key common imperfections on men's skin.  From moles to rough skin, there is certainly an improvement to be had for your complexion by deploying this grooming mastermind, at least that's according to The Men Pen themselves.

What better way to test their claims than to hear from some of the real men out there who have used this makeup for men product for various reasons?  Check out some of the testimonials below to discover if The Men Pen can truly transform your confidence.

James from Tamworth on hiding Moles

'The Men Pen covered my facial moles really well.  The concealer completely hid even my larger mole and smoothed it over really well.  Getting the colour right wasn't a problem either and it lasted all day long.  If there's guys out there looking to cover moles, this is definitely the product for you.'

Alex from Sussex on covering Spots

'Amazing cover-up at a really good price.  I brought mine direct, but would definitely buy through MMUK next time.  I'm 23 and can't seem to shake the odd spot from my forehead.  Now, with a simple dab of this concealer they vanish all day long.  Excellent product and would highly recommend.'

Jonny from St Albans on treating Acne

'I really liked The Men Pen.  It covered up my spots really well.  But, as my acne is quite widespread, I had to use a foundation for men.  for best results, combine it with a liquid foundation and apply this product after.  You'll definitely see a big improvement.'

Stuart from Southampton on dealing with Rough Skin

'A really good concealer at hiding rough skin around my eyes.  I now prefer to use a tinted moisturiser as it makes the stick run out quite fast.  But, a good quality product.'

Matt from Seaford on blanketing Blemishes

'A fantastic product!  My confidence has completely changed since I started using The Men Pen.  Blemishes are quite literally gone in an instant and it looks very natural.  I bought two tones (one for summer and one for winter) as my skin changes tone in the sun and both have lasted me over 7 months so far.'

Ryan from Newcastle on diminishing Dark Circles

'Not very good at covering dark circles for me.  This men's concealer seems to be a bit heavy and look too cakey when I apply it to my under eye area.  It tends to weigh them down even more.  I started using a specific under eye concealer and this is much better...Good for covering the odd spot though'

Shaun from Peterborough on Scars

'I love this product!  My acne scars virtually disappear when I apply it and the best thing is, it takes only a couple of seconds to apply.  Used it for years and wouldn't change it for anything'

Rory from Kent on fighting Redness

My skin always appears to go red when I get embarrassed or exercise.  With The Men Pen, my skin has a lot more resilience and it hardly ever goes red.  I combined it with MMUK MAN's foundation too and it takes a hell of a lot to go red now.  Couldn't be happier and my confidence has spiked for sure.'

Andrew from London on Fine Lines

'The men pen covers up lines and wrinkles really well.  But, to get to the root of the problem, combine it with a specific anti-wrinkle cream.  A good concealer that's up there with the likes of Menaji and MMUK.'

Joe from London on tackling Razor Bumps

Simply Fantastic!  Razor bumps are the bane of my life I’m very happy to have found The Men Pen.  They are covered so easily and make me feel so much better about myself.  Razor bumps no more.