With millions of followers and billions of likes between them, the male stars of Instagram certainly have a lot to boast about. impeccable style, grooming greatness and and a clutch of luxury fashion accessories, the world’s leading male influencers certainly give Golden Balls himself a run for his money, Looking so good is now becoming big business too, with the marketing pull of these guys gaining force seemingly by the second.

Chances are that if you’re seriously into your style and personal grooming, you’re already following a selection of the most stylish guys on Instagram. Staying one step ahead of the competition comes as second nature to the likes of Matthew Zorpas (166k followers) and Nick Wooster (710k followers), but what can us mere mortals learn from these grooming gods, to give us a timely boost in the bathroom?

Modern men’s growing willingness to experiment with skin care and even cosmetics is something that has enjoyed quite a bit of air time in recent months and with millions of men worldwide buying into the grooming trends and standards set by the likes of John Robertson, who runs the very successful The Everyday Man blog, it’s no exaggeration to say that these guys are shifting the plate tectonics of men’s grooming much quicker than any of us could have anticipated.

John prides himself on following a strict exfoliating and cleansing weekly regime and with his daily use of a moisturiser and eye cream evident in his fresh faced Instagram posts, there is little surprise that his number of followers have exploded in recent months. John visits his barbers every ten days or so and expresses how crucial it is ‘to look sharp’ in his line of work. Using a men’s face mask a couple of times a week too is also an essential part of his high class routine.

Meanwhile, editor of the hugely popular Dapper Chapper blog Adam Tanous, is not adverse to a little men’s night cream and eye care either and regularly visits Ted’s Grooming Room London, for not only a hair trim, but an eyebrow tidy too, to tame this sometimes unruly area before a big shoot. Adam uses a multitude of products on a daily basis from a variety of different men’s skin care brands, spending fifteen to twenty minutes a time, focusing entirely on his hair and skin.

The style and class of Matthew Zorpas’s grooming routine is clearly evident in his collection of social media posts too, along with a champion complexion to boot. Mr Zorpas is certainly no stranger to a good quality shaving cream, beard balm and tinted moisturiser and there is little surprise that hundreds of thousands of this grooming boss’s followers hit the like button each and every month.

With personal care and skin style high on the agenda of these thoroughly worshipped modern men, all that remains is to wonder, how many more million gentlemen will get on board over the next few years, as the power of male influencers evolves into full throttle forcefield?