Mascara for men, sometimes called ‘manscara’ is perhaps the makeup for men industry’s most deadly double edged sword.  The great look you can achieve with successful mens mascara application can really give you a killer look, yet get it wrong, and your eye makeup for men career can be over in a flash.

Designed to add mysteriousness, impact and drama to your eyes, male mascara has enjoyed a phenomenal rise to the top of the men’s makeup game over the past 18 months or so.

With this growing demand for a product which turns lifeless and fatigued eyes into dominant features of excellence, comes a responsibility on MMUK MAN’s shoulders to let ordinary manscara men out there, know how to get application just right.

Follow below our 10 simple eye makeup for men steps and truly master the art of mascara for men.  From the roots of application, choosing the right shade, through to some tricks of the trade, allow MMUK MAN to demonstrate just what is required to make this male makeup phenomenon work for you.

So here goes...

Choose the right colour - Most gentlemen prefer to use a clear or brown formula for daytime wear, to achieve maximum subtlety.  Whilst a darker brown, grey or black shade is often a hit for a night out on the town, gig or general night time wear.  Strictly avoid colours!  Blues, Greens and Reds may look good at a fancy dress party or on halloween, however, here in the gentlemen’s lab, we only deal in natural and performance enhancing male cosmetics.

Know your look - Whether you’re looking for big impact, achieved by smudging your mascara for men upon application, or, if a more subtle and defined look is high on your agenda, perhaps around the office or on that important business lunch?  The important thing to remember guys is to know the look you’re trying to achieve with manscara.  

The Basics - Ensure you apply any form of manscara onto clean and dry lashes to achieve the best results.  The importance of dry lashes before application is to ensure the solution does exactly what it’s supposed to and to avoid that dreaded ‘spidery’ look, a finish no man wants. 

Only use what you need - Be sure to rub the application wand on the inside of your mascara for men pot to remove any unwanted and excess product.  This should be done after you have given the wand a twist in the bottle to ensure it is sufficiently coated with product in the first place.

Stay in your position - Position yourself in front of a mirror with your leading elbow rooted firmly on a platform, desk or shelf at the bottom of your mirror.  Steady application can bring with it some great natural looking results and ultimately promote male makeup success and subtlety.

Tip from the expert - Placing a thin piece of card, such as business card behind your eyelashes before proceeding can be great in preventing smudges and a real help for men slowly getting to grips with this eye makeup for men product.

Master your technique - Place the manscara wand at the root of your upper eyelashes and slowly navigate it to their tips, ensuring you reach every lash.  Repeat the process two to three times for optimal coverage.  At this stage, it is also a good idea to master a slight horizontal shift throughout this application technique to separate your lashes accordingly and prevent clumps.

Your 2 minutes starts now! 

You’ve now got two minutes to master your look before the solution sets and you have to do it all over again.  However, don’t panic guys, by following such a regular makeup for men routine, you’ll be virtually a pro in the world of mascara within a matter of weeks.

Release the rocker - If you’re looking for a saturday night gig’d up look, why not smudge some of the solution for a rough, dramatic and ready look.

Refine your standards - Alternatively, if you’re searching for something a lot more slick and a lot less rock star, use a cotton bud and mens makeup remover to banish any clumps of mascara lurking within your eyelashes.

Your 2 minutes are up!

Should you wish to achieve an even more dramatic look by applying more men’s mascara, after these two minutes are up and your initial layer is dry, feel free to add more and get that dominating look your demand.  Alternatively, it’s time to clean up your act and navigate the final stages of male mascara application with complete ease and confidence.

Fine Tune - By using a men’s mascara comb placed at the root of your already applied lashes and working it out to the tips you can separate each lash accordingly for a very detailed and extremely natural makeup finish.  Although being completely optional, the extra professional touch of such a comb is one in which a large proportion of men add to their bathroom back up power.

Don’t forget the rest - Using a criss cross technique apply a small amount of formula to your lower eyelashes.  Supporting a framed eye makeup look, will leave you with a smart and well blended look, befitting the modern day man.

After mastering the above steps, it’s easy to see just where successful makeup use can take you, gentlemen.  Finally, remember to remove all solutions carefully with a male makeup remover at the end of the day and take care at every stage.  With the guidance of MMUK MAN and the composure of yourself, it’s time to take your male cosmetics performance to an entirely new level.