What’s the difference between loose powder and pressed powder? It’s one of those questions that many men ask when shopping for the latest addition to their cosmetic routine. Whilst loose powder offers more subtle coverage, it does have its drawbacks, as it tends to come in larger cases and if you’re not a men’s makeup pro, they can prove to be quite messy.

Pressed powders actually have heavier coverage than their loose counterparts, as they are essentially infused with waxes and emollients to transform them from a loose form to a pressed form. When applying pressed powders, a light hand is definitely needed to prevent your makeup looking cakey and feminine, but the truth is, if you master the application of this type of men’s makeup product - you will be left to endlessly enjoy the benefits.

First things first, it’s always a good idea to properly moisturise your face, before the application of makeup for men products. Apply a light moisturiser to nourish and protect your skin, as well as create a terrific base layer. After letting your moisturiser dry, we recommend using a primer to smooth out the skin and create an even base that can be subtly built upon with cosmetics. The beauty with a primer too is that it allows your products to stay on all day and remain natural.

When using powder over foundation or alone, to achieve a lightweight base of coverage, it’s always best to use a large full brush to apply it. A larger brush allows you to evenly distribute the powder over larger areas and gently buff it in. Our recommended brush for the application of our Translucent Pressed Powder, Bronzer and Mineral Matte Foundation is our luxury Powder Brush .

The trick to quick and effective application is to apply product in a light sweeping motion. If you’re using MMUK MAN’s Anti Shine Powder , use a smaller brush, like our Mineral Buffer Brush and concentrate on oilier parts of the skin that typically tend to glow as your days wears on. When applying this product in particular it’s a good idea to lightly sweep over any remaining areas too, but it’s on your t-zone that you’ll want to pay the most attention.

Most pressed powders for men come with their own applicators, but for natural and even results, we’d always recommend deploying a specific powder brush. For guys with facial hair, it’s highly recommended to dab product onto the skin from a 90 degree angle, rather than using the gentle sweeping motion explained above, as this will allow the powder to settle directly onto the skin. If your facial hair is quite thick, there is no need to apply powder to this area.