A problem a lot of us makeup lovers face on a daily basis is that whilst our faces look great when we're wearing the likes of foundation, tinted moisturiser and men's bronzer, when we come to remove such products at the end of the day, we're back to being plain old pale Dale - apologies to anyone called Dale! Whilst this in some ways is the nature of the beast, there are a few steps you can take in the bathroom to help you look toned and tanned long after makeup for men removal.

Not necessarily for every guy out there, but very effective, the first enhancing product you can look at is the use of a men's fake tan. A fake tan for men, such as St Tropez' Bronzing Mousse can be applied quickly to the face using either latex gloves, or if you really wanted to push the boat out, a tanning mitt. As you may want to do this behind closed doors to keep your manhood well intact, you can quickly get to grips with achieving a tanned look without paying the price for pale skin all the time. It's important also to remember guys that it's best to apply this product and others alike before you go to bed, making sure you place a towel over your pillow and washing it thoroughly off in the morning. The good news is that you are really able to control the intensity of your tan and with each application lasting about 4-5 days before it fades, it's definitely a good place to start and a fantastic way of gradually building a fantastic tan.

If you're looking to the services of fake tan, you can of course go full throttle and tan your body under the same guidelines. Washing excess product off in the morning will enhance your skin tone, make you look darker and really improve the performance of your daily male cosmetic products, providing of course that you buy darker shaded products to match your new look.

A great product to use with fake tan is Recipe For Men's Tinted Moisturiser, as well as MMUK Man’s Bronzing Lotion, which both support the building of a natural gradual tan in the background. Another great way to build a slow tan is with the use of a stalwart product amongst the male grooming industry, namely L'Oreal Men Experts Gradual Tan Moisturiser. Replacing this product with your regular daily moisturiser or skin primer, before the rest of your makeup application, let's you slowly build up to your desired darkness with maximum subtlety.

Used alone, or with fake tan, Recipe For Men's Bronze Cream is a perfect gradual tan builder in its own right, as well as offering instant enhancing performance. With most guys wanting to look tanned for the obvious feel good boost and sun kissed glow, it's also a great way to disguise troublesome imperfections that you may be suffering with. Darker complexion naturally look more even and with the use of an inbuilt tint, you are really granted signed, sealed, delivered perfection.