Hi there. I’ve been using make up for years and use to wear Este Lauder. My skin started to reject it after years of wearing it, becoming flaky and not good looking. I’ve tried a lot of things recently and I don’t love any of them... I generally wear a liquid foundation (just a small amount to even out my skin tone) and then I like a powder over the top just to matify. My biggest issue is shine. My forehead and nose get so shiny it is horrible. I don’t have bad or oily skin, I just seem to get really shiny? Any advise and recommendations would be great! Here are a few pics to try and help... also, even though I’m a ginger, I don’t have really fair skin so don’t want something too light that would wash me out.

Good morning Calum, I hope you are well and thank you very much for getting in touch with us. I can confirm that the colour N4 is the most appropriate colour on our MMUK MAN colour palette to match your skin tone. Most guys tend to start with a foundation and concealer and either a bronzer or anti shine powder, but if there is any more help you'd require picking your products please let me know and I'd be delighted to help.

After reading your e-mail, it seems like the two main thing we're tackling is a flaky surface, which i'm guessing gets worse the further into the day you get, as well as a little bit of shine that comes with it. I'm really confident that we can put together a simple and straightforward routine that's going to work.

I'm not sure if you've had much dealings with skin primer's before, but I'd definitely recommend this as your first port of call. MMUK MAN's Skin Primer is a lightweight and silky base that protects against the and makeup flaking throughout your day. You only need to apply a small amount too to create a nice base.

If you're already used to liquid foundation and how to make it look natural then i'd definitely stick with that. Our Liquid Foundation has medium coverage and you don't need to apply too much to get the desired look.

I know you said you're using powder at the moment to get rid of shine which is doing an okay job. So, after applying your primer and foundation, I'd recommend applying a dusting of Translucent Pressed Powder (colour light, which is the second colour option in from the left) just over your forehead, nose and chin, as these are the areas that tend to glow more when makeup is being worn. As you've wore makeup for years, i'm not telling you anything new but based on the popularity of this finishing powder and feedback - it's definitely worth giving it a whirl.

I'm not sure shat concealer you're used to using, but if you're looking for one that isn't going to cake or bring up too much shine, I'd recommend our Under Eye Liquid Concealer. This can be dabbed onto the eye contours to brighten them up a little, as well as blanket the odd blemish here and there when they occasionally crop up.

All of these products i'm confident will come together to build a nice and natural look. Sometimes when you're using women's makeup, it can be difficult to tackle cakey, glowy and shiny appearances, simply because of their formulation and how they are made. Whereas with MMUK, we like to make each product specifically for men's skin, which tends to be more oilier than men's anyway.