Cleaning your brushes is a simple step that shouldn’t be overlooked. It is important for both the condition and longevity of your makeup brushes, to even the application of makeup, but also for hygiene and your skin’s health. Unwashed brushes lead to poor coverage and the spreading of bacteria between your cosmetics and face. These simple steps below allow you to give your brushes some TLC, so they in turn can give you maximum results when the time comes to use them to apply your cover-up.

There are many different products and home remedies to clean your brushes. If you follow these main steps, it depends entirely on your personal preference and what is available to you.

Firstly, never submerge your brush entirely in soapy warm water, or leave it to soak for long periods of time. This will encourage the breakdown of glue which holds the bristles to the stem of the brush together. And never dry the brush vertically as well. Again, for the same reason as previously, it will lead to the breakage of your brush.

Now with a bowl of lukewarm water, wet the bristles of the brush. This will help begin lifting the product from the brushes bristles.

Next use either some form of makeup brush cleanser, or a dollop of dishwashing liquid, clarifying shampoo, or an unscented scent. Even better use a tea-tree purifying facial wash. (This is a personal preference as the tea-tree extract has numerous anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and astringent properties.

Take your preferred cleansing product and add a small dollop into the palm of your hand.

Now take the brush head and massage the bristles (wet from the water) into the cleanser in the palm of your hand. Use gentle circular motions to create a small lather and allow the bristles to shift some of the excess makeup into your palm. The duration of this step is dependant on how much product is in your brush heads.

Rinse the bristles with lukewarm water and in the bowl massage under the water the brush head into your palm. The water should shift and move larger amounts of excess debris.

Should you find your brushes are still a little grubby, repeat the first cleansing step with the cleanser and brush head in your palm. Follow through until you are happy that no more makeup build-up is in the brush head.

With clean lukewarm water, rinse the bristles through with your fingertips and squeeze any excessive moisture or water from the head.

With a clean towel or flannel a second squeeze should draw any further moisture on the brushes away.

Take the clean brush and reshape the bristle head. Lay flat on a clean towel and the head of the brush overhanging an edge of a counter, or table. This allows the bristles to naturally airdry and negate any mildew often caused from a damp piece of fabric.

If you follow these steps and look after your brushes there is a chance you will be able to use them for years. Now a weekly clean is advised to keep your brushes in optical condition. Bacteria grows on every surface and a dirty set of brushes can lead to unwanted breakouts caused by the bacteria breeding in your brushes. As you use the brush into your product and then onto the face, you are helping to spread the bacteria around by cross contamination. It is another step to be advised in doing if you are looking into the world of cosmetics. But a necessary step to ensure flawless results each time. The bristles on brushes are porous by nature and hold onto bacteria, oil from the skin and excess product. This environment will then become a wild spring-break party for micro-organisms to congregate and set up home. If your brushes are dirty, you will find they lead to coverage that is uneven, clumpy and difficult to blend into the face.

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