Mens FoundationOver the years, here at MMUK MAN, we have received contact from many of our now clients, asking us how to best cover up sun damaged skin.  Whether it is a condition stemming back from a nasty sun burn incident, or just the accumulation of years and years of sun exposure, the good news is, we can help.


Sun damaged skin ranges from sun spots, general irritation and redness across a specific plane of your face, or in more severe cases, a completely darkened leather like look.  None of which, I am sure you will agree are going to make it onto your grooming wish lists gentlemen.


Whilst good quality moisturisers will certainly help, along with a lot of at home remedies, the real essence here is with cover up makeup for men, as at this stage, it is no underestimation that you have to bring in the big guns.  By utilizing a certain set of male cosmetic products, you can quickly hide the effects of damaged and painful looking here is how!


My taking a good quality mens makeup base and applying it to the entirety of your face, you are really going to achieve three things.  Applying one like you would a moisturiser, it softens your skin and smooths out its surface, allows the rest of your products to look natural and crucial for modern guys living busy lives, allows it stay in place all day long.


After you have applied, turn to the absolute power of a foundation for men.  Applied again, in the same way you would a moisturiser, this form of product evens skin tone, refines your complexion and gives a blanket of coverage to your face, effectively nullifying the dramatic effect of most forms of sun damaged skin.  Craters and wrinkles alike will now appear less defined and your complexion will begin to see the true enhancements on offer.


Finally, as more defined skin damage often erupts with a particular imperfection in certain parts of your face and is very rarely even, a concealer for men is your next port of call.  Male concealer acts as your final layer of cover up and its thicker consistency allows you to target the final more defined areas of your skin, still needing a little bit of work.


To finish, you can always employ the use of an anti shine powder if your skin tends to be a little oily and a little dusting across your t-zone will really begin to set your look all day and seriously alleviate most concerns associated with long term sun damage.