It's a problem that most of us will face from time to time, uneven skin tone.  Red blotches, dull areas of skin, pale skin, dry patches, to name but a few of the symptoms regularly suffered by many modern gentlemen.  In today's male makeup blog, we'd like to divert your attention to a select few products, which can rid you of your grooming headaches once and for all.  Whether your uneven skin tone is quite apparent, just enough to leave your confidence shaking or leaving you in pieces, allow our assembled team of experts to pick up the pace and give you a brighter outlook.

There are many kinds of male makeup product out there...fact!  But, whilst you may sometimes feel all lost at sea when it comes to choosing the right colour or product for you, that need not be the case with MMUK MAN.  Buy simple products to resolve complex issues and best of all gentlemen, it need not cost the earth or take an age to master.  Many makeup for men products can be applied quickly, easily and very much fuss free.

First off, we'd like to introduce you to men's foundation!  The ultimate saving grace when it comes to evening out your complexion, this imperfection banisher and skin tone evener is by far the most popular product chosen by men to alleviate their bathroom woes.  A good men's foundation need not cost the earth!  In fact, if you're looking for one to look nice and natural, you should really only be looking around the £18-£20 mark.  Male foundation can be applied like a moisturiser, using your fingertips and tackle uneven skin tone expertly.  By providing your face with a blanket of natural and consistent colour, it's bye bye to those little niggles.

If you are worried about the stigma of men's makeup, why not choose something a little more subtle?  A men's tinted moisturiser contains just enough of a hint of colour to nourish and hydrate your skin, as well as provide an even clarity to your complexion to leave you happy.  Target uneven skin around common areas, such as your forehead and cheeks, whilst well and truly maintaining your masculinity.

Uneven skin tone on men is caused by the breakdown of melonin, your skin's most prominent pigment.  When these defect, your skin tone often appears more blotchy and irritated.  Some skin conditions such as Rosacea can also cause an uneven and very apparent skin tone, so, if you are worried, we'd always advise seeking the advice of your doctor.  Be sure to remember that changes in air temperature and humidity can also play havoc with your skin.  Diet, fitness and ill-health can also play a part, so be cautious and look at multiple techniques to try and get your skin back on course.

Finally, allow us to introduce you to the ultimate Swiss-army knife of male cosmetics, namely BB cream!  BB cream for men (blemish balm) is the ultimate skin healing product, which brightens, evens, covers and upgrades complexion to such a degree that uneven skin tone is fantastically removed!  Boasting healing capability, skin regeneration properties and a blanket of camouflage to fix skin tone in the short term, when it comes to a BB cream, your male cosmetic standards will be truly in the ascendancy.  Apply like a male moisturiser and allow the repairing element of such creams to treat your skin and alleviate common blemishes.

What to buy:
MMUK MAN Foundation For Men - Offers a natural lightweight formula that expertly covers facial skin.  Even your skin's tone, refine its pores and get a fully HD complexion with a quick and easy application.

Recipe For Men Tinted Moisturiser - An energizing bronze cream that rocks!  This universal skin perfector evens skin tone and removes all common imperfections causing it and keeps it hidden all day long.  An incredibly revitalizing formula that hydrates and smoothes the skin for a serious complexion upgrade.

BRTC's Gold Caviar BB Cream - An intense action men's blemish balm.  Treat, heal and conceal your skin with this expert formula.  Containing gold to reflect natural light, for the upmost in even and perfect skin, choose industry leaders BRTC, a grooming hit worth every penny.