Good Morning, I am very interested in trying the MMUK Man Concealer and the rest of the MMUK Man range but I do not know which shade will match my skin tone. I have never used make up before, I do not know where to start and what to finish with. After lots of thinking, I’ve decided to push the boundaries in order to enhance my appearance. If it is possible ,would you be able to decide which shade/products will be suited best based on the three pictures that I have attached. I am after a natural, matte look that is 100% undetectable. Many Thanks.

Hi there Toby, Thank you very much for sending in your pictures and I can confirm that the colour N4 is most suitable for your skin tone on our men's makeup colour palette.

One of the most popular questions men who are new to our brand have is 'what products do I need to get a natural and matte look' - so you're certainly not alone.

The first thing I'd recommend in your routine is the use of our Morning After Rescue Gel, which is a mattifying face gel that not only balances your skin's oil level but will help the rest of your products stay in place all day and remain undetectable.

After that, i'd recommend applying our Mineral Matte Foundation lightly across your face with our Foundation Brush - this will instantly even and enhance your skin tone and act as a light blanket of coverage to your skin, which will camouflage your light blemishes.

Next, apply a dab of Under Eye Concealer under both eyes and blend the product in using your finger tip. This will immediately brighten this area and if you show signs of tiredness or dark circles/bags from time to time, they'll be immediately concealed. You can also dab this concealer lightly over any fine lines you have to disguise them too.

These two coverage products will go together nicely. As you're new to men's makeup, you may want to have a couple of practices at home - but honestly, it won't take too long until you know the amounts of product you should apply to get a natural look.

To finish, it's time to bring everything together and leave your skin looking shine free and matte all day. To do this, take a Mineral Buffer Brush and lightly apply our Translucent Pressed Powder in the colour light (second colour option in from the left) over your forehead, nose and cheeks, as these are the areas that often secrete most oil throughout the day and have the tendency to make your skin look shiny. This product will act as the final finishing touch to your new natural routine and enhance your complexion nicely.