Facial redness is a condition an incredible amount of men suffer with and often it’s in silence. There are dozens of creams and treatments available that claim to be able to help improve the appearance of the skin, but for guys at the end of their tether’s - makeup is often a last resort. In this week’s men’s makeup blog, we’ve put together an ultimate anti-redness routine for the modern man and have also called upon the knowledge of our men’s makeup expert Nathan to create a helpful video demonstration that every man can follow.

A Men’s Anti-Redness Cosmetic Routine

The first two products we’d recommend are our Firming Face and Eye Serum and Restore Anti-Redness Moisturiser, which both should be applied in the morning before your makeup routine and once again at night to restore your skin whilst you sleep. This will help restore your skin’s natural defence against redness in the long term and generally calm your skin. The serum brings strong firming and brightening properties to the skin, whilst the Anti-Redness cream sinks in quickly to create an invisible barrier against flushes and redness breakouts.

We’d then recommend applying our Mineral Matte Foundation evenly across your face. Every product in our line has a tutorial and a couple of practices is all it will take to get used to exactly how much to apply to get the right coverage. This foundation is matte, so it won’t look in the slightest feminine and it also has mineral properties that are excellent in calming sensitive skin that’s prone to redness. As an alternative, if you’re more familiar with loose powders, you can use our Mineral Loose Foundation instead of the Mineral Matte version, but it’s totally up to you.

Next, dab our Concealer Pen under your eyes and blend it in with your finger tip to take away any under eye redness the might pop up from time to time. The idea behind this concealer application is that the foundation will even and enhance your skin tone, whilst the concealer will cover any remaining marks or under eye redness.

Before going onto your final stage of application, take our Liquid Concealer and dab it over any specific areas of intense redness on your face to give your skin an extra layer of coverage and again blend it in with your finger tip. With the extra layer of coverage this product provides, you’ll feel much more confident that your skin will remain enhanced and even all day long. You can even apply this before the foundation too, but it depends completely on what works for you and how much coverage you need.

To finish, dust a little Mineral Anti-Shine Powder over your forehead, nose and cheeks with a Kabuki Brush, which will set your products all day and make them look all the more natural. The mineral base of this product and the foundation have fantastic calming and healing properties, making them ideal for skin prone to redness.

Watch How To Get Rid Of Facial Redness