Grey facial hair can often be triggered or accelerated by a variety of factors, including deficiencies in copper, Iron, Iodine and Vitamin B12. Other factors can include excessive alcohol intake, smoking and stress. Although learning the triggers and trying to combat them will help tremendously, grey facial hair can also be subject to hereditary causes, which you unfortunately can’t resist forever.

If you drop into Google ‘How to get rid of grey beard hair’, most of the hits will point you in the direction of using beard dye. This week, we wanted to create a blog that answered this very common male grooming question, focusing on a variety of products that can be used to help you battle grey hairs in your beard, mustache and side burns.

Originally, we were going to research and recommend beard dye’s as part of this, but having trolled the internet, the popular consensus around beard dye’s are that they are often difficult to apply and get right, sometimes cause severe skin irritations and tend to fade very quickly - making their upkeep less than convenient for Britain’s modern man.

With this in mind, we don’t feel comfortable making suggestions for beard dye’s and would instead urge every one of you to approach this option with caution, or seek the expertise of a professional barber who specializes in this form of beard care. On top of the potential skin complications, the whole process of beard dying can be an incredibly complex and time consuming one, which is where the option of men’s beard makeup really comes into its own.

This week, MMUK MAN launched their brand new Beard Mascara, which provides gentlemen with a quicker and easier option for at home brush on beard colouring. A much safer alternative to dye, Beard Mascara brushes on in seconds and more importantly, lasts all day.

The idea behind this innovative men’s beauty product, is that it offers guys the chance to cover as much grey hair in their beards as they want, providing a no hassle instant fix to this growingly popular grooming concern. Water-resistant and completely natural, Beard Mascara dries in seconds and contains no harmful chemicals that could otherwise dry and damage the skin.

Described rather nonchalantly by the brand as the ‘ultimate grey beard wiper outer’, Beard Mascara is sure to be yet another hit from the makeup range taking the world by storm. Applied to grey facial hair in short gentle strokes from the root outwards, it doesn’t look long before thousands of men quickly come to realise how far just a little touch up can take them.

For guys approaching men’s makeup with a little more caution, eating foods that are rich in Zinc, Copper and iron also heighten your level of defence against greying hair. Copper rich foods in particular boost your skin’s production of its main pigment melanin, which in turn helps to guard against its production of white and grey hairs.

There are also various topical remedies that have been proven to help prevent grey hairs, including mixing Cows Butter with Aloe Vera Gel and massaging them into facial hair. Curry Leaves and Coconut Oil also harbor fantastic anti-grey benefits that gentlemen of any age can look into as a viable option.

For male makeup lovers already out there, the use of beard products seem to be yet another stepping stone in their evolving pursuit of perfection and provide a much more realistic solution that they can easily get to grips with. For gentlemen struggling with patchy and uneven beards, MMUK MAN's Beard Filler is also a viable option. Pictured here on the right and in action below, this hugely popular beard product is a lightweight shadow that rests naturally on facial hair to give it some much needed bulk and thickness.