This week, co-founder of MMUK MAN Alex Dalley helped fix the complexion concerns of one of our latest clients, who had been suffering from red spots on the chin and forehead for over five years. Over a 7 year battle with acne spots, facial redness and blemishes, Alex developed a routine to control his break outs and improve the performance of his skin on a morning and nightly basis. Below, he outlines five products that should be your starting block, if you find yourself in a similar boat to Joseph and from there, you can build with the help of MMUK MAN.

Hi Men’s Makeup,

I am a 22-year-old male who has been struggling with mild red acne spots on the forehead and chin now for at least the last five years. I have tried numerous topical treatments, but the spots still appear. The spots are bright red and cover the forehead and chin area. I was wondering which of your products you might be able to recommend to assist with my skin complaint. It is my understanding that typically a combination of treatments is usually the most effective way of treating this condition, so a cleanser to clean the clogged pores/oily skin, followed perhaps by some type of moisturizer and/ or face mask/cream may work? Any advice you might be able to give me would be much appreciated and I look forward to hearing back from you shortly. With kind regards, - Joseph T Walsh (BA Hons).

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for getting in touch, Lucy passed me on your message and I’m definitely confident I can help. I too suffered with very similar problems up until the age of 21, I’ve therefore spent years trying to tackle the likes of acne spots and now in my case, acne scars. You’re right in terms of a good cleansing regime. I personally use the MMUK MAN range of skin care to follow such a good routine.

Use MMUK MAN’s Anti-Acne Face Wash in the morning, in the shower, before pat drying your face with a towel. After about thirty seconds, spray a little Anti-Acne Face Toner over the skin, which begins to resize the pores and ultimately blocks any spot causing toxins from entering the skin. Next, apply MMUK MAN’s Skin Tone Balancer to the skin. This acts as a moisturising product that hydrates the skin and balances out the redness within your skin, to instantly make it look less angered. This can be applied just like a moisturiser and can be left to sink in for about another thirty seconds to a minute.

Our Anti-Acne Face Wash has been developed with Chamomile, which is extremely calming on the skin, crucial if you’re battling red and angry looking spots on a daily basis. This face wash strips the skin of impurities, whilst reinforcing its natural boundaries. Our Anti Acne Toner is a really light and refreshing spray that closes pores and makes the skin look completely unified. Better still, it will protect all day and prepares your face, before the application of the before mentioned Skin Tone Balancer. This red spot treatment effectively acts as a moisturiser, makeup base and anti-redness treatment all in one and completes your first three steps to better looking skin.

The best things we’ve found to not only cover acne spots but treat the skin is mineral makeup. Therefore, MMUK MAN’s Mineral Matte Foundation should then be applied over your face, to provide a natural blanket of coverage to your red and raised acne spots. The coverage of this is very subtle and it won’t look as though you’re wearing makeup at all. This product will even your skin tone too and just make it look so fresh. If you’re new to makeup, don’t panic, it took me a few practices at home over a couple of days to get it right, but I’ll remain here if you need any further help and there’s loads of good videos out there including some from Jake Jamie Ward who is definitely worth checking out. Our Mineral Matte Foundation can be easily blended into the skin and is applied super smoothly with its included applicator and just looks fantastic.

After you have applied your foundation, take MMUK MAN Concealer Stick For Men and dab it over any larger spots that will still be slightly visible. Dab it gently on and blend it in with a blending brush, working in a gentle outward motion from any visibly remaining red spots.. Again, a couple of practices at blending the concealer into your spot and you will be a pro. These five products combine to create a great safeguard against not only red spot breakouts and underperforming skin, but from your confidence being battered every time you look in the mirror. I’ve been there and I know how it can get you down. Regards, Alex.