Hello Peter, Thank you for getting in touch this evening, requesting some advice on how to look good for your upcoming business headshots and sending in your photographs. I've had a look at both and am very confident that we can create a natural every day look on your face that lasts all day and is nice and simple to master.

I'd first off start by applying a little skin primer all over your face, in the same way you would apply a normal men's moisturiser. This really smooths your complexion and creates a nice barrier between your skin and products. Men's skin primer also guarantees that your face remains hydrated and builds a really even canvas, which can be built upon with the below products.

After it has dried, take MMUK MAN's Mineral Matte Foundation (N5 for all products) and gently dab it around your face, using its applicator brush. When applying this foundation, blend it over your face in a circular motion, paying closer attention to areas of rough skin and imperfections.

The idea behind this is that the foundation will give your skin a nice healthy glow and it will begin to blur away those little bumps and areas of unevenness. You only need to apply a little foundation and because this product is mineral, it has some nice caring properties for your skin too. Using this mineral product on your face will begin to regenerate your complexion, whilst giving you some nice natural coverage.

Next, for any final areas or raised bumps, simply dab on our concealer stick, before blending in with a blending brush. This will normally take only a couple of minutes, but may take longer whilst you get used to application. A couple of practices will make perfect and remember to only apply concealer sparingly to any lingering areas of rough skin or imperfections on your face.

After you've applied these three products, you'll want your skin to remain matte and shine free all day long, as well as refined. To do this, take our Mineral Matifying Powder and gently dust it over your t-zone with our Mineral Buffer Brush. You can use this very sparingly and this powder has been designed, simply to blot out oiliness and make sure your products stay in place and nice and natural all day.

If you wanted to, I'd recommend applying a little under eye concealer to the eye contours, just to brighten them up a little and hide any signs of tiredness and dark circles. Simply dab our concealer pen to this area and blend in with it's attached applicator brush. This pen is one of our most effective and will cap off your new look very nicely.

I'm very confident that the quality and natural appearance of these products will work wonders and with our main goal to make guys feel comfortable wearing makeup especially designed for them, I hope you'll see it after a few trial runs of MMUK MAN's products.