Along with covering spots and acne, achieving younger looking skin is the main motive behind men wearing makeup, fact!  As more men than ever before quite literally obsess over how to make themselves look fantastic, we'll be taking a look at some powerful men's cosmetics out there and how they can be utilized to help us gents roll back the years.


Firstly, it's a good idea to understand what the key signs of aging are and from there, learn how they can be tackled.  In a recent study, fatigued skin, uneven skin tone, sagging skin and wrinkles were the blame for older looking skin, along with the likes of dark circles, crow’s feet and frown lines.  If you suffer with any of these, or a combination of two or more, then it's not rocket science guys to say that you're going to be looking older, perhaps unfortunately beyond your years.

However, the reprieve.  By capitalising on a very specific set of makeup for men products, you can cheat the system and create a fast track to yesteryear.  By employing the likes of foundation, concealer and specific anti-aging products into your daily grooming routine, the only way is up for your beleaguered skin.  Before we go into detail, we must stress the importance of good quality anti aging moisturisers and eye creams.  By working with these two product ranges, you’re really giving your cosmetic products the best chance of success, by cleaning the blank canvas that you wish to build on with you new products.

So here goes...  After you've completed your standard grooming routine and dried your face, look at the use of a good quality men's makeup primer.  This is essentially a moisturising complex that protects the skin, smoothes it out and keeps your makeup in place all day long, perfect as most guys want their products to look completely natural.  Apply a couple of small pea size amounts all over your skin and it's quickly on to step 2.

Recommended product:  MMUK MAN's Makeup For Men Skin Primer

Next, adopt a good quality foundation for men.  A liquid version for older skin types is always preferable and by dotting three pea sizes to your forehead and each cheek, before rubbing in, you really begin to combat uneven skin tone and the appearance of wrinkles - taking a huge step towards younger looking skin.

Recommended product: MMUK MAN's Foundation For Men

Next, it's time to combat those fine lines and dark circles that continually blight your appearance.  By using a liquid based under eye concealer, you can quickly and easily camouflage these imperfections for brighter looking eyes and the minimising of those troublesome crow’s feet we talked about earlier.  Place a small application to each eye area before blending in using a men's blending brush for completely natural results.

Recommended product:  MMUK MAN's Under Eye Concealer

Penultimately gentlemen, use a good quality concealer for men to blur away those more defined wrinkles and sun spots (if you have any).  This can also be used to blanket severe imperfections such as spots, moles and rough skin with coverage in the most natural of ways.  Again, use your blending brush during application and those specific areas that weigh your skin down will be instantly gone.

Recommended Product: Evolution Man Conceal and Treat Stick or MMUK MAN's Concealer Pot For Men

And Finally.  Combat sagging and fatigued skin by enhancing your skin's natural tone with the assistance of a men's bronzing powder.  This is completely an added extra to your routine and does take a little practice.  But, if you're willing to put in the time, your skin will instantly look more toned and tight, perfect if you're constantly having nightmares about your skin’s drooping appearance.  There are plenty of good bronzers for men out there and they do a fantastic job at adding subtle definition.

So gents, by using the right products at the right time, now is your chance to roll back the years with MMUK MAN.  If you’re new to the world of makeup for men, or have always dabbled, MMUK MAN make mastering nice and easy, meaning you can quickly get on with your day with a new found surge in confidence.