He started out a few years ago recording makeup demonstrations in his bedroom. Now, he’s an internet superstar getting tens of thousands of views each day. Jake Jamie Ward is on a mission, like us, to prove that makeup is actually genderless and this week, he decided to review MMUK MAN’s collection of luxury men’s cosmetics. Below, you can watch his full review of our makeup line, which includes insights and demonstrations on our bronzing powder, invisible blotting powder and concealer stick. Jake also goes onto talk about our clear mascara, brow gel and beard filler, which have rocketed up the popularity charts this year since their launch. So here are some key things Jake had to say about the brand.

Firstly, Jake comments on MMUK MAN’s outer packaging having a ‘MAC Vibe’ about it, which looks ‘smart, sleek and ultra-lightweight’ Our compacts themselves are nice and thin, very slim line and as Jake says they do in fact ‘fit in the hand nicely’. Giving a good amount of product in the compact and looking ‘stereotypically masculine’ we’re delighted with the fact that our products look like a top male grooming brand. He then goes onto mention the quality of our mirrors. Our high quality mirrors are nice and thick, unlike sub-standard plastic and poor quality alternatives. Our compact palettes allow for smooth brush glide, without excess powder being lost and Mr. Ward gave this a massive thumbs up in his piece. With branding that befits our target market, this was certainly a delight for Jake to review.

Now, what did he have to say about our bronzer? He is a massive fan of the colour 300, which is by far our most popular. If you’re a ‘glitter-phobe’ 300 is definitely the way to go and with 10g of product in the compact, this formula is universally flattering to every skin tone and gives a ‘light subtle glow that can be built deeper without looking chalky or cakey’. Jake tells of how MMUK MAN’s Bronzer For Men creates a real life looking sun tan similar to MAC’s Matte Bronzer, that actually gives more colour pay off. Whilst it is very pigmented, it lasted on his skin for 10-12 hours, before slightly separating. Overall, he was very impressed with the staying power of this product and the fresh glow it gave his skin.

Next, Jake Jamie Ward had a go of our Translucent Finishing powder, packaged in the same sleek compact as our bronzer, containing the wonderful mirror. Creating the perfect no makeup look on his skin, Jake loves how this powder kept his makeup looking fresh, binds everything together and proves to be the perfect final step in creating perfect looking skin. By using a small brush to target areas of his skin that appear shiny, the wonderful blurring effect of this product on his skin was ‘fantastic’, whilst it’s shine control power was clear for all to see. With a great texture that initially appears chalky, but doesn’t translate onto the skin, for a great job at skin perfecting this would definitely make his grooming hit list.

Whilst our concealer stick didn’t work as well for him, due to his oily skin make-up, he did love the twist up design in the cool and very stylish MAC looking box. He loved how men can keep their makeup wear on the ‘low down’ and if you’re a fan of creamier textured concealers, this really would be for you. Overall, Jake was hugely impressed with all three products and summed up his review with MMUK MAN reminding him of a ‘my skin but better’ kind of brand, justifying all of our efforts in creating subtle and natural looking makeup for men products. So, here’s the video, enjoy!