A very popular issue that our clients try to resolve on the regular is patchy and misshapen eye brows and beards.  In our latest men's makeup blog, we've coupled this very common complaint amongst makeup for men followers with the launch of Kenmen's Brow and Beard correctors, exclusively at MMUK MAN.  Whether it's thinning and patchy hair that has arisen through age, or simply genetics, with the help of this little versatile masterpiece, you can quickly turn around your grooming performance.

Aside from thickening hair, to make your brows appear more even, Kenmen's brow corrector does a wonderful job at defining and sculpting them altogether.  The result? Get a well-groomed appearance without your cover being blow, unlike more feminine cosmetic products.  Kenmen's choice of three shades have made it one of the men's eye categories most adored products over recent years, as it's blending and colour matching power make it easy to choose and master the perfect colour.

A key feature that undoubtedly makes Kenmen's correctors stand head and shoulders above the rest is its ability to fix and control underperforming beards and moustaches.  Perfect, if your masculinity is being challenged, or you want to master a particular facial hairstyle, this nifty corrector really is with you every step of the way.

Masculinity packaged and promoted, there's something about Kenmen makeup that doesn't scream gimmick!  It's personally one of my favourites because it is so professional and I know that some of the biggest A-Lister in the world use it too.  Call me vain, but it's important ...right?

Incredibly long lasting, both throughout my day and in terms of number of uses.  this really is a true hero of my wash bag and I would encourage any chap out there tired of a fatigued beards and brows to come join the party.

Finally, before I sound too much like a sales rep for Kenmen.  The condition it leaves your hair and general feel is simply great.  I love the completely organic ingredient structure of this makeup for men product and I believe as more and more men get used to cosmetics, features such as this, will become ever more crucial.